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Recent content by taigirl

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    Handy Bottle

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    Should I pack my kindle?

    Don't bother. Too tired to read.
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    Music from Galicia - BBC Port w Julia Fowlis

    Thank you. I love the music. The Piper, as I walked through the tunnel in the square at SDC, made my Camino.
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    Which size rucksack?

    I took 28 litres. I am a short older female. Would go up to 32litres next time so I could fit sleeping bag inside rather than hanging off the backpack. On the sleeping bag question - I'm glad I took one and would again.
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    How do you repair Atlus rain poncho?

    I have some tape for repairing tents. The hardware store calls it material or fabric tape. It is a woven tape. This is in Australia. It wasn't very expensive.
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    Video Is the Donativo Camino Culture under Threat? Rebekah Scott shares her thoughts

    Never got to stay in a donativo last year on CF. They were always full. Next time hopefully.
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    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    My Scottish mother would have done the same.
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    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    The absolute best thing to speed healing is Calendula. Calendula cream or ointment will do but if you can, get hold of fresh flowers and make a strong tea to bathe your foot with. Arnica pillules will help the internal bruising and swelling.
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    Fun With a Poncho. . . multitasking

    My poncho actually has reinforced holes around the base for tent poles in case shelter is needed.
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    Looking for something to listen to? Here's some Spanish history~

    I have exactly the same problem. Also with earplugs.
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    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    If you watch Efren Gonzales Vlog on Camino Portugese, there is a very similar church on the way to Finisterre. Like you, I didnt remember that on my CF but was surprised to see it on the youtube clip.
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    Lets Build an Albergue!

    A window I could open. So many hot stuffy rooms.
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    One Albergue that you’d recommend

    I second Albergue Verde. Also one in Las Aguedas about 5km past Astorga.
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    Rain protection - ( Overkill ? or cut back to save some weight?)

    The backpack cover definitely. I took one poncho whick I carried for 36 days and wore once. I sweated so much under it I would have been better to leave it off. Walked in Sept/Oct so it was warm in the rain. Take the lightest poncho or a rain jacket.
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    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    Proper cutlery on Lufthansa economy. I was surprised. Food was good too.

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