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    3 Weeks to go

    I am also mid sixties and walking first Camino in two weeks. It's the toiletries and first aid stuff that cause the most weight. I thought I had my packing sorted, one long hiking pants, one cotton three-quarters and one trackie pants for evening, three tops, a set of thin, light thermals and...
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    Ladies Long Tops

    A courtesy skirt or skort over the leggings.
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    Vaseline on feet?

    I have heard of using an adhesive panty liner on back of shoe to stop ankle and heel blisters.
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    Vaseline on feet?

    A paramedic friend suggests using a piece of a condom taped over a blister or hot spot. Lubricated side against the skin. Anyone tried it?
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    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    What about Camino scarf?
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    Orisson or onwards to Roncesvalles

    My sister said the same thing!
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    Orisson or onwards to Roncesvalles

    I am starting on 5th September and have booked the night at Orisson. I plan a leisurely morning having a look around SJPDP, breakfast, coffee or two, photos before I start walking. Having made the long flight from Oz I imagine I will be jetlagged and less than energetic. Burn Camino.
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    The Five Pound Camino Pack

    As long as it is comfortable and manageable weight doesn't matter. Having said that, my kitchen scales are getting a work out.lol
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    The Five Pound Camino Pack

    Do you mean you don't take a darning needle and spare wool to darn your holey socks???? I agree about the just in case stuff. Xd
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    The Five Pound Camino Pack

    All these helpful folk who say that anything you need can be bought in Spain. Whatever you buy in Spain you then have to carry people! Eg shampoo, soap, toothpaste, sunscreen, socks,etc. So I would rather buy them before I leave home and make sure that I can fit them in my pack. Also prefer to...
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    Eating up data in Spain

    If I have "location" switched on this drains data and my battery.
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    Where to stay the first night in SJPDP

    Thanks .I will know for next time. The gite I have booked wasn't expensive and has single not bunk beds. I have already paid for my Orisson stay and got a receipt by return email. Hope that means that I have a bed!
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    Where to stay the first night in SJPDP

    I am travelling from Barcelona to St J via Pamplona. First night I have booked at Gite de la Porte St Jacqes in St J through bookings.com. Second night at Orisson. I didn't think you could stay at albergues until you had already commenced your walk.
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    How many days walking for Camino Frances

    I have given myself 45 days (49 including flight time from Australia).I am flying in and out of Barcelona. Any extra days will be spent sightseeing in Barcelona before I go home.

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