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  1. Whereabouts of this statue

    Whereabouts of this statue

    I was wondering, where is that statue exactly? at the entrance to Santiago? How do you get there :) ? Thanks!
  2. Tal Cherni

    The future is here: Knee Shock Absorbers

    I stumbled upon this interesting new "apparatus": A knee shock absorber meant to help those with maniscal issues, instead of complete knee replacements. http://www.medgadget.com/2016/01/atlas-implantable-shock-absorber-knee.html Your thoughts?
  3. Tal Cherni

    Well, I'm Back!

    Welcome back! :) Sound like you had a good run after all.
  4. Tal Cherni

    Single Greatest Threat to Failure

    I wish I would have read your advice before my Camino, I ended with knee tendonisis after 1 week becasue of walking too much too fast. I am Still recovering from it two monthes after, and it should take another two for it too heal completey. :(
  5. Tal Cherni

    With a heavy heart

    There is a video she made about her previous Camino in 2014. thought it would be nice to post out of respect.
  6. Tal Cherni

    With a heavy heart

    Oh my god... I met her on my very first day of the Camino, in Ponferrada. It was the 28th of august. She said she was british, and We sat and had a talk about her fund raising, about her son, about her being robbed and about her injury... She seemed a bit troubled, and later in Triacastella ( i...
  7. After Triacastella

    After Triacastella

    If you choose to walk to Sarria through the road that goes through San Xil and Montan, you will come by this nice fountain.
  8. The Orchestra

    The Orchestra

    Near the Santiago Cathedral 17/09/15
  9. The barefoot Pilgrim

    The barefoot Pilgrim

    When I just arrived to Ponferrada I heard legends about a Pilgrim from Korea who walks barefoot from SjPdP. Upon arrival to Santiago, who do I meet....? 08/09/15 Anybody know his name by any chance? I never asked :(
  10. Lukas and myself

    Lukas and myself

    Lukas, one of the volunteers in the small village of Montan, before Sarria. Has a small food station.
  11. Tal Cherni

    Planned Future route. Your Thoughts?

    Vilma, I wish you full health! Hope you will get better and walk the way again!
  12. Tal Cherni

    Planned Future route. Your Thoughts?

    Thank you Marc! Listening to the body will be the key! ;) I think I will start by building up to 15 km the first week, since I am pretty flexible with time! But yes walking 20-25 km after a while is the goal with some days of reducing it to 15 for rest. It sound's like a good idea, avoiding...
  13. Tal Cherni

    Planned Future route. Your Thoughts?

    Thanks Spursfan. The thing is I'm pretty sure the reason I was hurt is because I walked 24 Km the very first day and kept on going at this pace until Santiago o_O I hope to train for about three months before the next walk, and go easy on myself once I'm there. But plans change, so what you...
  14. Tal Cherni

    Planned Future route. Your Thoughts?

    Hey! I just returned from Spain Couple a days ago after walking from Ponferrada to Santiago. Sadly though I took it a little too hard and too fast and ended up with Tendinitis in my knee. Classic rush with no endurance building. Needless to say, Lesson learned for the next time... :oops: And...
  15. Tal Cherni

    Km from Oviedo to santiago via north route

    Thank you both! It's very helpful!

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