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Recent content by Tanoli

  1. Tanoli

    How much do your backpacks weigh?

    We are leaving in a few days... currently my pack weighs 25lbs before food/snacks and water. I weigh 200 lbs and I'm 5'10". A lil extra weight doesn't scare me. I'm thinking I'm gonna max it out at 30 lbs. I have an awesome backpack and I can't really feel the 30 lbs as heavy...and even at 30...
  2. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I have good news. I got the Visa :) Finally !! It gave me a scare it got real close. I just got the visa in the mail today and on monday we leave for Spain. Thank you all so much for your thoughts and well wishes and prayers and concerns. It really...
  3. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    - their reply was on two plain pages with no names, European Union emblem on the top right and in official certified mail along with my passport back. -I emailed the embassy in Washing D.C and Consulate both, contacted them on their facebook pages as well ( Contacted APOC as well - did not hear...
  4. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    I had a membership letter from APOC..and I took my pilgrim passport with me...did not help. I did not know APOC issued certificate as well. I am getting in contact with them today. Hopefully something will come of it. And I am seriously starting to look into bookings along the way to cover the...
  5. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    I agree. It might just be impossible to just apply to a different country. I will keep trying and trying before I give up. We have invested quite a lot of time and resources into it and I'm really hopeful it will all work out. If not, yes...next year isn't that far.
  6. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    I am a member of the APOC and I think it's a very good idea... I will contact them. I have been sending emails to the Spanish consulate and embassy, I will maybe even make some calls today too. But I have few hopes of getting much help from them directly. The fact that they have outsourced the...
  7. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    The same thought did occur to me last night too as my mind has been in crisis mode. I looked up a few websites and I think it is feasible. I really did not want to think about resorting to these workarounds before, I think, but now I am starting to. Thank you
  8. Tanoli

    Need Your Prayers !!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share my story, so far and see what advice, feedback and prayers i get in return that might help us. So I live in NY. Last year, me and my wife decided we want to walk the camino frances. the long planning began..with all the...
  9. Tanoli

    We are Wimps!

    We are so obsessed with happiness and comfort that we sometimes fail to see the value if sadness and discomfort and new ways of thinking it may lead to. You fully know a person after you've hiked with them...seen who they are/become/we're all along after they've walked 5 miles uphill. The facade...
  10. Tanoli

    Norwegian is the worst!

    Norwegian has a history of either cancelling flights or changing dates/time without so much as how do you do. You could recoup any lost cost if you had travel insurance or if it's a perk your credit card company offers. It's also fun to call them and give them a piece of your mind...or go...
  11. Tanoli

    Closed albergues in Pamplona during San Fermin

    This thread has been really enlightening. The questions, concerns, downplaying of risks by certain members and willingness to face the risks by the others. There is a certain spirit of walking the camino that i feel is lost on the minds seeking thrills and "fun". I agree that the problem of...