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  1. TaraWalks

    Video/Pocast Camino Safety for Women - an Interview with Sara

    Great video! Always wonderful to hear from @Sara_Dhooma I look forward to when you resume your Vezelay trip and the obscure routes you’ll take to get to SDC. T
  2. TaraWalks

    Arrow at Burguete

    My partner and I missed that turn off too until a nice man turned us around 😁
  3. TaraWalks

    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    I too have lovely memories of staying there with my sister in 2016. We really loved it! What a wonderful opportunity.
  4. TaraWalks

    Sister María Asunción - COVIS/Corona - Who Cares! Would Give Anything for Another Chance to Hear Her Again!

    Was she still there in 2016? I remember there was a beautiful sister teaching us the parts of the mass before it began and then she sang all of the parts of the mass (and communicated with hand signals!). She was such a star! It was almost a little heart breaking watching the 8 or so priests...
  5. TaraWalks

    Your All Time, Absolute BEST Camino Moment!

    This is such a lovely thread. My all time favourite Camino moment was as we were leaving Bercianos Del Real Camino. It was very early in the morning and due to the fact that the Meseta is just one long straight road, my friend and I decided to walk that morning without lights/torches etc. I...
  6. TaraWalks

    6 Words

    I walk to heal my soul.
  7. TaraWalks

    First Historical Novel About Origins of the Camino

    This sounds fantastic :) I'll get a copy too!
  8. TaraWalks

    Professional Photographer's Websites - Looking for Some

    Try - he is my partner but I think he put up a folder of pics from our camino.
  9. TaraWalks

    Castles in Spain (many on a camino)

    The castle at Castrojeriz is definitely worth the hike up the hill to look at. My partner and I were the only ones there when we passed through in April 2018!
  10. TaraWalks

    Backpacks (again)

    I second the use of Osprey external hydration systems! If you use a bladder, they’re great on a Camino as you can pull out the bladder and refill without emptying the contents of your pack. FYI I use an Osprey Tempest 40. Works for me.
  11. TaraWalks

    Wallowing in Self Pity

    I feel you! My sister and I were to start the Camino Madrid and then the Invierno to SDC starting June 1st. When we decided to do this, June 1st felt like an eternity away and now it has been and gone. The whole year has not started well in Australia with the Bushfires and COVID. It feels like...
  12. TaraWalks

    New camping sub-forum

    Where is your house? It sounds like a wonderful place to stay!
  13. TaraWalks

    How to make the Camino more tent friendly. Ideas?

    I understand your response. Wild camping should not be allowed and that should be respected. Fires a definite no no. Use of kitchen facilities should be factored into the cost (if the pilgrim still wants to self cater). I’ll still be eating pilgrim meals and drinking cafe con leche at bars as...
  14. TaraWalks

    How to make the Camino more tent friendly. Ideas?

    Great thread! I have been considering camping the Camino for a couple of years due to the bedbug issue on the Frances. (I am so allergic it's almost dangerous but that's another story). I love the Frances especially in high summer and was going to walk it again as a camper. My method was going...
  15. TaraWalks

    COVID Forum Members and COVID-19 Illness

    I know, awful right? It's like they were trying to swab my brain - truly eye watering.