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    Help With Shoes for Over Pronation

    Have you thought of trying a different insole? When DD had problems with her feet--expressed as hip pain--the answer turned out to be the Dr. Scholls Women's Gel Work Insoles.
  2. Texas Walker

    Help With Shoes for Over Pronation

    Have you tried the Wide Speedgoat? DH loves them, I take the regular width. On the "ordering" line, we ordered them from the local running store. The fellow was worried that we didn't know our sizes, brought out other Hoka shoes for us to try, and some other things, then noticed that my old...
  3. Texas Walker

    These missing persons posts....

    When I and my sweetie went wandering off on the Frances the first time, my relatives were very worried that we weren't going on a guided tour. I set up a blog so they could see that we hadn't fallen off a cliff. On the days, back then, when the albergue computer couldn't reach the internet, but...
  4. Texas Walker

    2023 Dreaming - how's the weather in May on the Norte?

    Hello, fellow peregrina! We walked in 2017-2018 (injury stopped the first one) and for the first half or so, everywhere we went people said it was the winter that wouldn't quit. (Arrived in Spain appx 5/19) Then towards the end, it finally got warm. HTH! BC!
  5. Texas Walker

    American Airlines canceled my direct flight to Madrid / seeking guidance for getting to Oviedo as planned

    4-5 hours layover is infinitely better than some of the short layovers I have seen. (50 minutes? riiiiight.) If I am checking any luggage (tube with poles? the packs?) I will make very sure to have at least 2 hours at each plane change. That way the stuff is pretty likely to make the next...
  6. Texas Walker

    Two step bank verification texts

    Is this something like "last call for alcohol" which the bartender (in Texas) shouts out just before closing?
  7. Texas Walker

    Two step bank verification texts

    No, but you have to put your pin in when you use the ATM. They're satisfied with that. (NB, I don't do any actual banking while on the Camino, only do cash draws with the ATM.)
  8. Texas Walker

    Forgotten items

    It might be cheaper to buy a new charger and cable and assorted sundries than to arrange for someone to pick it up and send/carry it to you...just a thought. (Learned the hard way that "why not just leave the stuff on the albergue table and forget about it?" was very good advice.) But it's for...
  9. Texas Walker

    Be prepared... pilgrim rescue

    I read the thread and remembered our first walk in 2014 and thought "there but for the grace of God go I." One thing many of us don't realize we need to take into account is the latitude differences as well as the altitude differences. If you live at the latitude of Miami, you have to make an...
  10. Texas Walker

    Getting to León - from MAD or OVD airport?

    Last October, we arrived in Madrid (MAD) and took the bus from there...I had purchased the tickets online before we left. This worked out really well, and we arrived in Leon around (IIRC) 4:30 ish pm...this was last October, I may be a little fuzzy on this...we had a place to stay in Leon...
  11. Texas Walker

    What do you sleep in? (girls)

    My sweetie and I have walked more than one Camino. The first time, I wore what I would walk in the next day. (This does assume that what you're walking in is reasonably comfortable. Likewise the second time. (Not the same routes, but that is not relevant to this discussion.) The third time...
  12. Texas Walker

    Hospitales or Pola de Allande?

    Also you can get a bocadillo for a picnic lunch on the heights the day before--there's a store and small restaurant at Campiello and also two albergues, or you can get food there and take it along to wherever you do stay...we stopped at Campiello, fed ourselves up thoroughly that afternoon, and...
  13. Texas Walker

    Why doesn't my iPhone like the QR code on the sign in front of Pilgrims Office in SDC? (And a work around)

    And heaven forfend that you should be in Spain with an old phone that has minutes (to call ahead) but no data plan! I had to say "no podemos" because it's not like they're putting up a free wifi for folks to use for this. (If they did that my tablet could do the job.) So they did the old...
  14. Texas Walker

    How much route planning is actually needed?

    Interesting perspective. I also like to plan--information makes me feel comfortable--and from where I live it's a long plane ride. So I build in not only some planned rest days but also a few at the end in case of need. (Like coming down with a cold and needing to spend a day or so with mucho...
  15. Texas Walker

    LIVE from the Camino Happy Penguin on the Vdlp

    Thank you for your posts! I hope to walk the VdlP someday.

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