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Casa Ivar Pin
Custom hard enamel pin badge with silver coloured locking pin. Size: 30 mm.
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Camino de Santiago pendant that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.

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  1. TheTinkerBell

    O Cebreiro starting logistics etc

    @jpes - I'm walking from O'Cebreiro to Fisterra & Muxia in 3 weeks time. If you are travelling through Dublin, just note that, as of now, the Aer Lingus flight arrives in Santiago @ 16.20h, which means you will need to stay in the city overnight to get the bus to Pedrafita do Cebreiro the...
  2. TheTinkerBell

    Fantastic Albergue Monte Aro in Lago

    I already had this place included in my itinerary for early June, so many thanks for the timely ringing endorsement! Sounds like a fab place.
  3. TheTinkerBell

    RIP @fraluchi

    My sincerest condolences to you @annakappa @fraluchi: Walk on amigo...
  4. TheTinkerBell

    Shamrocks & Shells - Camino Society Ireland's online magazine

    That conference on the links between Ireland and Galicia in early May looks very interesting. Bad timing for me though, as I'll be walking from O Cebreiro to Muxia at the end of that month. Thanks for the info on the e-zine.
  5. TheTinkerBell

    LIVE from the Camino The Nomad Pack - On the move!

    Digging your outlook and way of being, NP. Rock on!
  6. TheTinkerBell

    Where to take rest days

    Hi Luc, You won't regret any of the stops you have mentioned in your post (Logrono, Burgos, Leon and Santiago). They're all fabulous places with rich history and something for everybody. Buen Camino!
  7. TheTinkerBell

    Are the shoes safe outside?

    Have I got this right - are you only taking your hiking shoes with you on the Camino? I did this on my first Camino and had to buy a pair of runners when I reached Pamplona. It's just my opinion, but you might want to think about reviewing what's in your pack and try to make some room for an...
  8. TheTinkerBell

    My New Camino Marker

    Super idea! Is the distance etched into the stone? If so, I hope you're not intending to move house, or else you'll have to relocate to a point along an arc exactly 8,946.4 kms from Santiago!!!
  9. TheTinkerBell

    Extra day off

    I'd agree with jeffrey - bus from Sarria to Lugo and stay there. I did free days in Burgos, Leon and Ponferrada and (for me) the third location really didn't measure up to the first two. I've visited Lugo subsequently, btw. On my next full CF, I'll be making sure to stay the first free day in...
  10. TheTinkerBell

    Prize-winning architecture in A Coruña

    Yes, it's definitely worth a visit. For only a few €'s entrance, you'll see and learn much about the human body. It's strange that such an 'interesting' piece of architecture is located in an area of the city which is not exactly 'obvious' to tourists. But that's the beauty of A Coruna for...
  11. TheTinkerBell

    What was in your pack when you finished?

    The Camino is not the place for collectors of things. 46 fridge magnets by the time I reached SdC convinced me of that!
  12. TheTinkerBell

    Dublin flights to Santiago

    There are flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 12th February and the great news for Irish pilgrims (and others who use, or are thinking of using, Dublin as a gateway to the Camino) is that from 16th May to 30th September there's a flight to Santiago every day of the week!!!
  13. TheTinkerBell

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2016?

    Last weekend I walked 17km from Liscannor to Doolin along the edge (literally) of the Cliffs of Moher. Closest I've felt to 'something' since the day at Cruz de Fero 3 years ago. Words can't describe this walk and because I don't take photos, forgive me for linking this site - it's the only...
  14. TheTinkerBell

    I have a problem

    Do yourself a big favour, send the bags on for at least the first week until you find your rhythm and get your knees used to the trail. Re-assess after the week and repeat if necessary. Sometimes what we carry with us in our heads and hearts is often heavier than the contents of our rucksacks.
  15. TheTinkerBell

    Preferred/Nicest Stretches of Camino Frances?

    If it's 'energy' Gipsy Moon is looking for, I'd second this days' walking. The emotion of CdF will remain with me forever.