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  1. Thetravelingfamily

    Starting Mid April

    Hello All, This will be our third Camino as a family. Our first two were done in 200-mile sections. The children were much younger! This time they will be 12 and 14 years old. Looking to begin Mid April. Ay thoughts as to crossing the Pyrenees during that time? Possible snow? Looks like there...
  2. Thetravelingfamily

    Family of four preparing for 3rd Camino Trek

    Hello All! As we prepare for our third trek across the Camino, I wanted to get ideas and thoughts on how the Camino Frances Route has changed in the past few years. We covered the first 250 miles with our then 6 and 8 year old (2011). Then we returned with our 8 and 10 year old (2013) to over...
  3. Thetravelingfamily

    Hornillos private hostal recommendation

    We just happened to walk past Casa de Abuelo on the way into Hornillos. The owner came out and greeted us. We got a private room, $10 per person which included a private shower, use of a brand new kitchen, and a comfy new dinning room and living room, don't miss it if you have to stay there. She...
  4. Thetravelingfamily

    Pizza in Leon

    I just had to share this. After a week of bread and soup we were ready for something different :) We came across a tiny restaurant near the cathedral called "Made in Italy". It only has 5 tables and the owner/chef/server takes your order, makes the dough and cooked the pizza in the same room! An...
  5. Thetravelingfamily


    I bought children's rosemary shampoo because it works as a replant to lice. I poured it in two small bottles to distribute the weight between my husband and I. We used it as shower gel and shampoo. When we found an occasional hotel I used their products. I did see an occasional salon but didn't...
  6. Thetravelingfamily

    Packing List Camino Frances Mid May (Honeymoon)

    Wait till you walk with an 8 and 10 year old. That's a definite test of communication and kindness lol Just joking :) They talk all day, enough for all of us and even those that pass. For some reason my husband likes to walk 20 feet in front of me. He thinks he's helping me keep "pace"...
  7. Thetravelingfamily

    Drying clothes in cold weather

    Thank you. Yes, on our last trip the kids got pretty dusty as they are running ahead playing, maybe because they are closer to the ground LOL The other two sets would be from my husband and I. We however were less dusty but still washed our clothes daily. So, 4 sets includes the whole family. We...
  8. Thetravelingfamily

    Drying clothes in cold weather

    Thank you! That was very helpful. That is similiar to our routine last time and I will head your advice on the clothes :)
  9. Thetravelingfamily

    Drying clothes in cold weather

    Nice advice. Thank you!
  10. Thetravelingfamily

    Drying clothes in cold weather

    Thank you! Yes, I was thinking they may be able to wear their clothes twice as long as they don't get wet or muddy from snow or rain. They wouldn't mind missing a shower or two. :) Keep your fingers crossed that I find a dryer at times LOL
  11. Thetravelingfamily

    Drying clothes in cold weather

    Hello All! Our journey continues in Burgos in just 2 weeks! My concern is how difficult it is to dry our clothes in the colder weather if no sun shines? On our last journey it was warm and we easily dried our clothes in the warmth of the sun :) With two children we have 4 sets of clothes to...
  12. Thetravelingfamily

    Burgos Recommendations

    Hello! Any recommendations for Burgos for a family of four? We come in by bus from Madrid at 2pm and leave the next morning so our stay will be short. Looking for a comfortable place along the Camino. Thinking Abba Burgos Hotel :) Best, Mandy
  13. Thetravelingfamily

    Crossing the Pyrenees

    We went in Sept 2012 and found that it was colder than I expected and extremely windy. I was concerned that I Had not prepared correctly. However, after going over the top and heading down into Ronc. it warmed quickly and the cool temperatures were no longer an issue. It was cool in the morning...
  14. Thetravelingfamily

    26 yr old female walking March 2013

    We will be continuing our Camino journey from Burgos-Santiago beginning March 15th. My husband, myself and our two children traveled from SJPD-Burgos in 13 days a year ago September. Looking forward to the weather change from Fall however I am a bit nervous about finding space since there are 4...

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