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Recent content by Thomas Yingst

  1. Thomas Yingst


    Are US citizens now required to complete the European Travel Information and Authorization System form before travel to Spain?
  2. Thomas Yingst

    Fall 2021 Via de la Plata Camino

    I plan on starting VDLP on 15 Sep. Finish on 2 Nov. Taking the Sansbres route. Concerned about the one 40 km day ... that will be a challenge.
  3. Thomas Yingst

    When is a joke?...not a joke?

    There is thread about ass pads. Could probably come up with few jokes about that.
  4. Thomas Yingst

    Questions from first timer

    Lots of rain and mud ... lots of beauty too!
  5. Thomas Yingst

    Camino Blues

    Si Since I was unable to do a Camino this past year because of COVID-19 ... I guess I’ll have to two in the next year ... darn ... l’ll be 65 in June ... got the funds and got the time !!
  6. Thomas Yingst

    Camino To Astorga From Zamora

    Has anyone walked to Astorga from Zamora? I am asking this because I’m not really sure I would want to continue walking the Via De La Plata through the Camino Sanabres route. Planning a Via De La Plata Camino starting middle of next September ...
  7. Thomas Yingst

    People on the Camino that become your Friends

    Still friends with Patti and John ... met on northern Camino 2 years ago ... there are others that I stay in contact with from other Caminos but I seem to have really bonded with Patti and John.
  8. Thomas Yingst

    To what extent did 'others' influence your Walking Distance and Stops? (Not a Poll)

    I walked with my wife, Carol, from Lisboa to Santiago. I enjoyed the time with her but was frustrated with her slower pace (as she was with my quicker pace). I spent a lot of time waiting for her. But we worked out a routine where I would wait for her at a spot where there was juice, cafe...
  9. Thomas Yingst

    Fall 2021 Via de la Plata Camino

    Stubborn = tenacity
  10. Thomas Yingst

    Fall 2021 Via de la Plata Camino

    I just finished watching this video ... I loved it ... thanks for letting me know about it.
  11. Thomas Yingst

    Fall 2021 Via de la Plata Camino

    Anybody ever walk Via de la Plato in Oct Nov time frame?
  12. Thomas Yingst

    Via Adriatica, Croatia

    Do you know of a good guide book?
  13. Thomas Yingst

    'Addiction'- an appropriate word for wanting to walk the Camino again (& again)?

    I’m addicted to walking the Camino ... an addict of beautiful sights, sore feet and clear mind ...
  14. Thomas Yingst

    Camino Norte or Portugues

    Norte for sure.