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Recent content by Tio Huero

  1. Tio Huero

    Nearly 85% Decrease in Pilgrims in 2020

    I'll be in that number...with grandson in tow.
  2. Tio Huero

    Not March But Maybe October 2021

    My plans to walk the Camino in June 2020 with my grandson were derailed by "The Bug." If there is even the remotest possibility of hitting the trail in June 2021 we'll be there hitting the trail.
  3. Tio Huero

    COVID Great day tomorrow

    We're the same age, Phillip so time is of the essence for me as well. Next year, come hell or high water.
  4. Tio Huero

    COVID Great day tomorrow

    Well, it was supposed to be. Tomorrow my 13 year old grandson and I were scheduled to board the big bird and fly to Spain to begin our adventure from Sarria to SdC. But, alas, it was not to be. The evil critter known as Covid-19 has had it's evil way with our long made plans. But fear not, for...
  5. Tio Huero

    Well, today I started...well, not exactly. Today was the day my grandson and I were to start our...

    Well, today I started...well, not exactly. Today was the day my grandson and I were to start our walk from Sarria to SdC. Like a lot of folks we'll have to wait until (hopefully) next year. Been Camino, y'all.
  6. Tio Huero

    The CELL PHONE Pilgrims!

    As long as the "cell phone pilgrim" doesn't bother me or other peregrinos what he or she does with the phone is not my business.
  7. Tio Huero

    A 'One Word' Why?

    Learning to cope with adversity.
  8. Tio Huero

    Mea Culpa

    I just tried for the first time to post a photo and totally messed it up. Too bad, it was accompanied by such a clever missive. Will try again later, I hope.
  9. Tio Huero

    The Shame of Starting in Sarria

    So, here we were on April 30, my two youngest progeny, son-in-law and I at the beginning of a six day walk from Sarria to Santiago. Yes, we booked with a tour company. Yes, we had luggage transferred and carried only day packs. Yes, we had guaranteed rooms waiting at the end of each day. I...
  10. Tio Huero

    Purchase hiking poles?

    I want to make the purchase in Santiago. Any suggestions as to where? Is there a second hand store where such items are sold or is new the only option? Thanks in advance. Tio
  11. Tio Huero

    Sauntering, not hiking

    Personally, I prefer to sashay.
  12. Tio Huero

    Camino Signage - Which Way to Point

    Why is it called a "12 arrow?"
  13. Tio Huero

    What is your 2nd footwear item?

    "Socks and sandals dilemma?" Holy cow! I really do have no fashion sense.
  14. Tio Huero

    AA meetings on camino?

    I've alsays used: "No, gracias, no bebo alcohol." If anyone needs to know why, I ignore them. It's just my preference. (FYI: Born and raised in Noo Awlins. Did enough in my youth to last a lifetime.)
  15. Tio Huero

    medical insurance

    OUCH! Thanks, never again.