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    Anyone done a Camino Frances with someone with limited mobility

    I've got drop foot in both feet and require ankle-foot orthotics to walk. Without them (primarily in bathrooms and showers), it's a struggle. On the Frances in 2017 (from SJPP) and the Portuguese in 2019 (from Porto) there were very few showers and baths equipped for disabled access outside the...
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    First Bar Syndrome

    1. Come upon first bar. 2. Look for a church spire. 3. If spire is not far, trudge ahead because there's usually a cafe in the shadow of the church. And if there isn't, you can trudge back. I liked drinking a café con leche under the church spires. Truth told, didn't usually follow above...
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    Hats and shade... The definitive post...

    One vote for the Akubra Territory. I was told that a felt hat wouldn’t be hot in the heat and I was skeptical, but went with it for the somewhat ludicrously broad brim (think Indiana Jones hat with a pituitary disorder) for the sun and rain shield. Reached 29C/84F on the sun-blanched meseta in...
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    Travel CPAP Machines 2019

    I have a Dreamstation Go that’s logged two Caminos. I have a battery (for camping) but I didn’t take it on the Caminos. I agree that an extension cord would come in handy but any time I needed one, the albergue provided one, or moved me closer to the outlet. I like the Dreamstation Go. I...
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    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    The good news: the first day is absolutely gorgeous. I’d echo what many others have said: 1. Roncesvalles is do-able in a day, for sure. But I’d stay in Orisson next time. A very short leg, but I’d saunter out of St. Jean rather than burst out from the blocks. 2. I’d take the road option...
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    I’ve walked two Caminos- the Frances and the Portuguese. I can’t remember anything “bad” happening on either one. This thread reminds me of buying a washing machine a few years ago. Going online to research, the reviews of *every* washing machine appeared to be a scam to get you to throw your...
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    Porto to Santiago April 2019 observations

    My partner and I completed the Camino Portugues in April 2019. Some observations: We started out from Porto with two short days along the coast, then crossed over to the central at Vila do Conde. General: * The Portuguese in April had far fewer pilgrims than the Camino Frances at peak (my...
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    I probably won’t do this again

    I use a portable CPAP - on the Frances in 2017 and last month on the Portuguese. In two Caminos, only one person told me they could hear the machine but he said that I t did not bother him. I carry a canister of ear plugs with me and offer them to anyone near me. If the mask is fitting...
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    Your favorite albergues on camino Portugues

    Fernanda is why I travel the world. One of the best people you’ll ever meet. We were lucky to get to stay there. The albergues with community meals, which were easier to find on the Frances, are what the Camino is all about for me.
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    Time to buy new Altras

    I agree. Years ago, I found a pair of LL Bean Gore Tex hiking shoes that fit so perfectly they were a revelation. Some had a manufacturing defect, so Bean clearanced them and I bought seven pair ($30 each - none failed). I’ve got two brand new Hoka One One Tor Ultra Hi WPs in boxes waiting for...
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    SJPP --> Santiago Pacing

    I'm 58 (57 for the Camino), disabled (drop feet from nerve damage - they basically don't work). Did it in 38 days, but wasted a day dealing with bedbug paranoia six days in. So 13 miles per day on the 37 days I was making progress. That was a little much for me. I enjoyed meeting up with...
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    Pilgrim office statistics for 2018

    I’m sure that many angels can fit on the head of this pin, but as a modern pilgrim, the symbolism of starting in another country and crossing the Pyrenees made SJPDP a good starting point for me.
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    Bucket List - What we must plan to not miss on the Way?

    I bought Brierley at the last minute in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and didn't really reference it until halfway through, but wished I had looked from the beginning. He generally mentions one or two things of interest on each leg to look for, with a sentence or two of background about them. In the...
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    Rigid soles on boots

    I did read that and it is consistent with what I saw: To paraphrase inexpertly, with the foot "locked" in place by a too-snug fit, the shear force is concentrated beneath the skin layers, and a blister forms. This was interesting about causes and *treatment* of blisters, but I cannot expertly...
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    Rigid soles on boots

    Many (most?) shoes have two eyelets at the ankle (even some boots have this - like my Hoka Tor Ultra WPs). The first example is the most common way (from what I've seen) to use those eyelets, but there are a bunch of tricks here: This is anecdotal, but I think I crossed the Pyrenees with too...

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