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  • tomnorth
    Getting really tired of this chaos, I have started to plan my soon-as-possible Camino, using www.godesalco.com/plan : Starting in Merida (Via de la Plata, by train from Madrid), spending two days just admiring the Roman remains. 1 resting day1...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth reacted to lt56ny's post in the thread NEW update on Dave Bugg with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    You give me hope my friend. I have been hit hard on all sides by Cancer this year. As if the Pandemic wasn't enough. I lost one great college friend to Cancer about a month ago. Two other of my college roommates have had the shadow of Cancer...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth reacted to lt56ny's post in the thread Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, Ivar! with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    I know I am speaking to everyone here to wish you Ivar, the happiest and healthiest of Christmas' and New Years'. Thank you for the perpetual gift of this forum which has been a great place to make friends, learn and trade ideas and for all of us...
  • tomnorth
    When I was in college I spent a semester in London. My friend and I took an art class. It turned out to be way over our heads as we knew nothing and could barely draw a straight line. Everyone else were art majors. But our instructor Mrs...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth reacted to Camino Chrissy's post in the thread NEW update on Dave Bugg with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    I have just received a new email update from Dave Bugg, and because of the many heartwarming replies and concern he received from forum members, so with permission I am sharing a portion of his relatively good news with all of you. Dave has spent...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth reacted to El Cascayal's post in the thread COVID COVID-19 vaccine with Love - Red heart Love - Red heart.
    Oh Happy Day. I just received Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. True joy felt by all for the very first time since February by all of us receiving shot today. As part of frontline family and as part of this worldwide Peregrino family gratitude and hope...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth reacted to trecile's post in the thread Body weight. Who cares? with Like Like.
    I think that you missed the :):):)s in @malingerer's post. 😉
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth replied to the thread Torn Meniscus Experience.
    Well, the good news is that two years later I still haven’t needed surgery. In fact, I haven’t needed a cortisone shot for over a year, if not more. I’m still walking a lot. I wear a knee brace, which helps a lot. Thanks for sharing your...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth reacted to forwardwego's post in the thread Torn Meniscus Experience with Like Like.
    Hi Tom. Bummer about the meniscus tear. I tore my meniscus in July, had to have surgery. Recovery time was 8 weeks (including PT). I was very diligent w/ PT. Am going backpacking tomorrow...🙂. I was hesitant to have the procedure done, but...
  • tomnorth
    tomnorth replied to the thread On this date in November....
    November 1, 2015: All Saints Day at the Pilgrim's Mass in Santiago.
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