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tony young
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  • am happy with my gear ..... i am happy with my prep .... and I have a my itinery spreadsheet .... well sorted with plenty of sightseeing time incorporated .... I thing that I am good
    .... Feeling great ..... the legs are really strengthening .... less issues when walking ... 15 km on Sunday in 2.5 hours ....
    Have fun Tony. But the Sea to Summit poncho is not an alternative to the Altus - they are completely different shapes.
    tony young
    tony young
    yep .... i went for what is called a 'tarp' poncho, so that it covers the pack .... the way that it is constructed it also can double as a tent/shelter ... tethering points ... and can undo on the seams to allow ventillation ... ... and weighs 250 grams .. yay
    I have recently tried it in gusty squally conditions at the corner of the state and it seems to work well enough for me to give it a shot
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    Am trialing a Sea to Summit Nano Sil (silicone) tarp poncho .... lightweight alternative to the Altus, and available in WA .... trialing it on the cape to cape which has been postponed while I was down with the plague
    7/7/16 ... a bit of a set back .... 3 weeks of the flu, then bacteria infection , then ABs has put me back several weeks
    Well it looks like I am going ? Fare booked for the 13th Sept Staying at the CDG Ibis after a 20 hour flight ..... training it to Biaritz on the 14th .... a slow start on 15th Sept to Orison ... I am already a pilgrim :)
    7/6/16 preparing for a trial longer walk ... part of the cape to cape saturday the 18th for three days ... a more realistic simulation ... bad weather, flies , wind and rain, hard conditions ...... then cape lodge to recoup
    Walked the 15km in 3.5hrs, so averaging 4.2km hr ... some of it challenging ..... consuming more water than I had thought 1.5lts .... and had worked up a bit of a lather at a couple of stages .....
    ... the live testing is stepping up ..... hiked Eagle View at John Forrest national park on saturday .... beautiful conditions .... coolish .... there had been rain ... so all good.
    ... prep, fitness and training coming along ... more that can be said for my Spanish lessons ...lol ... the class clown
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