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Recent content by truenorthpilgrim

  1. truenorthpilgrim

    Senda Pet Peeve

    just say excuse me and move on. I don't think this is a pilgrim thing but a human thing. Happens everywhere.
  2. truenorthpilgrim

    Careful female pilgrims from Padron last 9 k into Santiago

    Yes, thanks for saying that particular comment is part of the problem. I was shocked when I read it.
  3. truenorthpilgrim

    Suggestion: Leave the Windows Open when Departing a Private Room

    This article ran in El Pais a few years ago... "Why are Spaniards the only people in Europe obsessed with window blinds?"
  4. truenorthpilgrim

    THAT enduring tissue (etc) issue on the CF in particular……

    The camino already has so much infrastructure. Putting up loos along the trail is a bandaid solution, not the *only* solution. So what if you need to hedge hop? Happens to the best of us. I echo other sentiments of it being a behavioral issue (or laziness). It's really not that hard to plan...
  5. truenorthpilgrim

    Beware of price gouging

    A one time 2 euro charge in Sarria compared to the endlessly cheap coffees, slices of tortilla and 10-15 euro bed each night should offset the pain. You may have felt taken advantage of, but this comes with territory of traveling, imho. I've traveled alone all over the world and it's not...
  6. truenorthpilgrim

    On the road again...?

    I walked late Sept until almost mid-Nov 2019 and found the trail pretty busy still. I could always find accommodation, a beer, midday tortilla and coffee. All I remember is by the time I got to Santiago I was DONE with the rain. As long as you have the means to phone/book out for ease of mind...
  7. truenorthpilgrim

    Using WhatsApp in Spain? Also 112 versus Alert Cops.

    A vpn is absotutely crucial these days. I use Express VPN while traveling, and more and more on a regular basis.
  8. truenorthpilgrim

    2021 Le Puy budget

    Also the food on the Le Puy is to die for. Every single meal I had at gîtes (most of them were demi pensions) were absolutely fantastic. The breakfasts are simple (baguette, jam and butter, coffee or tea), so you may need more sustenance… Most of the smaller cities have a wide array of food...
  9. truenorthpilgrim

    2021 Le Puy budget

    I budgeted with the app “Trail Wallet” just to manually track my daily average. It was super handy, and it kept me honest 😉 In reviewing it, it looks like I budgeted $40 USD a day. My total budget for the Le Puy was about $1600 USD.
  10. truenorthpilgrim

    Using WhatsApp in Spain? Also 112 versus Alert Cops.

    Excellent point!! I’ll remember this for my future camino…
  11. truenorthpilgrim

    Using WhatsApp in Spain? Also 112 versus Alert Cops.

    Precisely this. If you have gmail, google already has a whole dossier on you. I too, fussed over the WhatsApp/Facebook conundrum, but in the end I ended up downloading it. Everyone seems to have WA. And…I kind of love it. Also, having lived in Indonesia for almost two years, there’s almost no...
  12. truenorthpilgrim

    COVID Flight Cabin

    Recently flew from Jarkarta >> Doha >> Los Angeles. All three flights we had to be fully masked (except for meal times). I didn't see anyone try and fight it, thank goodness. Qatar Airways gave out little sanitizer kits with wipes and lotion. I chuckled because the flight attendants had to...
  13. truenorthpilgrim

    Goodbye to the Forum!

    I’m part of a few Facebook groups and let me tell you those places can be terribly snarky and toxic. In fact, I left the APOC Facebook group solely because of the high and mighty gatekeeping mentality on there. The reason I love this forum is because it’s tightly moderated; if things get out of...
  14. truenorthpilgrim

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    Ok, so here's my "camino didn't call but kind of yelled" story. My first camino was Sept 2016 and somewhere around June 2016 was when I clearly got the message. I knew I needed to make a change in my life, but wasn't sure how that should take form. I was toying between spending a month at Esalen...

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