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  1. Turigrino

    COVID UK - Portugal

    I am so curious about June stats from Pilgrim's office, to find out how many Americans and British took advantage of this window of opportunity which opened on June the 7th, permitting pilgrims from around the world to walk the Camino in Spain. Because IT IS a window of opportunity and it's not...
  2. Turigrino

    To book or not to book ahead post Covid?

    Was it during the summer of 2020? You seem to have walked a "pandemic" camino. Very valuable bits of information.
  3. Turigrino

    New digital Credential is introduced from the Cathedral.

    I don't think the digital credencial has ANY of those features that you listed above @trecile . For now it is just a simple scanner of QR codes of the places you visit. I don't even know if albergues will have those QR codes that you can scan. I will find out soon. Maybe in the future they will...
  4. Turigrino

    Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    How about being away from the toilet for the entire night? Because pilgrims always lock up the albergue door for the night from inside for safety, even if you asked each and every one of them not to do it. Happened to me in Castro Urdiales. You may need to include this item on your packing...
  5. Turigrino

    Places to stay in Zariquiegui

    Wow! that's a surprise but a positive one :) I tried several times and all I got was: The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond.
  6. Turigrino

    Anyone taken a horse on the Camino?

    For me, there was never an issue with albergues accepting a horse. The only problem arises when hospitaler@s assign them a top bunk. Especially the one above my head.
  7. Turigrino

    COVID Pandemic Camino Return to US

    Why did he have to take a test flying from Spain to The Netherlands? Because he wasn't fully vaccinated?
  8. Turigrino

    Places to stay in Zariquiegui

    Albergue San Andrés seems to have lost their internet domain... that's not a good sign. It probably means that one can't email them either
  9. Turigrino

    Camino Norte or?

    I noticed that many pilgrims like to give advice based on their pre-pandemic, historical experiences. And this can actually get a prospective pilgrim in trouble, or at least cost them $$$ for unexpected hotel accommodation and maybe even taxis to get there. I suggest following all the "yellow"...
  10. Turigrino

    It is all opening up now: It looks like it is coming back to normal

    Looks like the flag of Belgium to me ;) Try deleting history and temporary files from your browser...
  11. Turigrino

    Camino Norte or?

    If I were a first timer, in a pandemic year I wouldn't risk to try any exotic caminos and just go for the classic Frances. And if I had to limit myself to 100 km I would probably start at Astorga and finish at O'Cebreiro - and if I arrived there earlier then expected (which happens to many...
  12. Turigrino

    Anyone taken a horse on the Camino?

    You should burn his saddle and give him a bath at Finisterre beach ;)
  13. Turigrino

    Planning, training... and waiting

    That's a very responsible approach and I totally respect it. 👍
  14. Turigrino

    Norte Accommodations - COVID Updates

    Camino Frances is my choice for July 2021. I did much investigation about the Norte which would be my preference for a summer Camino, but I gave up. The accommodation is lacking and if you have to find a hotel at the coastal area it can be very expensive. I believe that after the May-June wave...
  15. Turigrino

    Planning, training... and waiting

    Why in September, Martin? Can't you go now? I think we have enough experience with the so called UK or 'Kent' variant last year that we can predict how the Delta will spread and more or less when this will happen. I'm going for the Camino Frances in early July and I hope that I'll be lucky to...