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    Photography equipment?..

    It may depend on whether you want to walk and enjoy your Camino or photograph The Way. Personally, I would let go of the gear, use a smart phone and relax and enjoy the experience of your Camino which I don't think you can do through a lens.
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    Sink plugs?

    I always carry a universal sink plug when I travel but I never needed it on the Camino.
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    What time is breakfast?

    I don't think that I ever stayed at an Albergue where breakfast was available. Get on the road, walk a few kilometres and find a nice bar for a boccadillo or slice of potato tortilla. Lovely!
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    Best way back to UK

    I flew to Toulouse where I stayed for the night then by train to St Jean the next morning, changing at Bayonne (I think that there's a bus for the last section at the moment for some reason). It was a pleasant journey that went through Lourdes and Pau. I returned by bus from Santiago to...
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    Biarritz to St Jean - Beginning day after 1pm to Roncevalles?

    Definitely not. I started from St Jean between 7 and 8 am and arrived at Roncesvalles as it was getting dark and that was in mid August. Either stay at Orrison or relax, enjoy St Jean, get your provisions, and start early the next day.
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    Trekking poles; Folding or telescoping?

    I agree about the Pacer poles. I used a pair of carbon ones on my Camino. Occasionally I'd catch one in a drain grating but they always survived and I still have and use them. They help with my stride and make me more secure on rough ground. One also acts as a monopod for a camera. Wonderful poles.
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    Health, insurance, prudence or “do it before the bits start falling off”.

    I used to say that life is a risk and "to boldly go" but now I am 76 I am much more cautious. I have an existing condition and most insurance companies won't even consider me just because of my age. I live in the UK and before Brexit, at least I had the advantage of free medical treatment in the...
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    St Jean to Roncesvalles - one day or two?

    I walked over in one day in 2009 when I was 64. I found it very tough in places but I did have a great sense of achievement. My pack was too heavy and I did get rid of some things during my Camino. My advice is train well, pack well, wear in your boots and then decide nearer the time which...
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    I just did it!

    Brilliant news. Stay safe and Buen Camino!
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    I have lost myself

    I walked the Camino Frances in 2009 from St Jean to Santiago. I was unsettled when I returned home to the UK. When I went on a walk along part of Hadrian's Wall a few weeks later with friends, I was haunted by the ghosts of the Camino. I kept hoping, expecting, to see my Camino friends when I...
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    Iberia - walking sticks in cabin baggage possible?

    Walking poles - even folding or telescopic ones - are not allowed as personal luggage but can go in the hold with checked baggage. I was worried about my backpack straps causing a problem on the conveyor belts so bought a bag from That maybe overkill but it kept all...
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    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    Thank you for sharing your experience. All good and much appreciated. I would add that the people I met and walked with, gave me more confidence and added to my enjoyment of a more relaxed, leisurely Camino.
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    LIVE from the Camino We’re finally on our way!!!!!

    I hope that all goes well and that you have a great time. Buen Camino!
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    Seeing a lot of pilgrims starting in Roncesvalles...issues with SJPDP now?

    "St Jean Pied de Port is "just" another town to start". I cannot agree. Starting in St Jean means going over the Pyrenees and walking from one country to another. Two experiences that I was glad to have. Each to his own, of course, but let's not denigrate St Jean and its prominent role on the...
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    My Camino regret!

    I don't regret taking the bus, along with a group of people I was walking with, avoiding traipsing through the industrial outer area of Burgos. I do regret, just a little, taking the bus from Santiago to Finisterre. I was a bit pushed for time and didn't really see that stretch as part of my...
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