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  1. Ullamae

    Camino Portugués

    I am on the Portugués da Costa at the moment. We started in Porto and it was a wonderful walk along the coast! However, since we joined the Central in Redondela it is very difficult to find beds (there are 4 of us). Albergues, guest houses and hotels are not allowed to use all beds. No doubt...
  2. Ullamae

    COVID Folks that were on the Camino when lockdown hit: what happened next?

    I was on my second go at the Camino Mozárabe. 2019 I had to leave because of a persistent cold. 2020 I arrived in La Peza to continue. All was great for two days, but as I reached Granada I was told that everything would close the next day. For two days I had walked with Rachel from London and...
  3. Ullamae

    COVID Folks that were on the Camino when lockdown hit: what happened next?

    They all got home eventually, as far as I know!
  4. Ullamae

    LIVE from the Camino Lisbon today

    Proof of vaccination and a pcr test was required for checking in yesterday. I was told that proof of vaccination is required to eat indoors at a restaurant. No need outdoors. Facemasks are required everywhere, both in- and outdoors. Most people comply but some people wear it sloppy, ie not...
  5. Ullamae

    Bed bug sheet, any use?

    I have actually used one. It's a bit on the small side, so a double is good for a single bed. I place it on the mattress, then my, also treated, sleeping bag on it, so I never sleep on the sheet. As to whether or not it works I don't know. I've never been bit though, even though my friend next...
  6. Ullamae

    Portugal Route MAP

    Thank you, this is a very interesting alternative!
  7. Ullamae

    LIVE from the Camino Porto to Santiago July 2021

    Thank you so much for your reports! I'm starting from Porto in 2 weeks, so this is very helpful ❤️
  8. Ullamae

    Portugal Route MAP

    Hello, how did you cross the river, is there a ferry? Could you post the gpx tracks or email me please? I'm starting from Porto in 3-ish weeks =)
  9. Ullamae

    Sleeping pad?

    I'm a rather slow walker, so I may not catch up! I hope to see other pilgrims every now and then, though =)
  10. Ullamae

    Sleeping pad?

    That's not where I posted it. It was moved to the wrong forum!!!
  11. Ullamae

    Sleeping pad?

    That's exactly what I was thinking and wanting to know about!
  12. Ullamae

    Sleeping pad?

    I don't know who moved this to a different forum? This question was specific to the Camino Mozárabe. I have walked other caminos and never brought a sleeping pad, but posts and pics from the Mozárabe made me think this camino might be different.
  13. Ullamae

    Sleeping pad?

    Thanks! Some time ago I read a post that said that they had slept in churches and schools, also, judging by pictures I've seen, quite a few people on the Mozárabe seem to be carrying one so I thought I would need one. This saves me a lot of weight 🙂
  14. Ullamae

    Sleeping pad?

    I am starting the Camino Mozárabe from Almería on March 12. Do I need to bring a sleeping pad?
  15. Ullamae

    Mozarabe/VdlP/Sanabrés info

    I'll be starting the Mozarabe around 10 March, and have a couple of questions: 1. What is the daily average when it come s to cost? I usually spend 30 to 35 on the CF. 2. Will there be open albergues, or do I have to plan my route in detail before I leave? 3. Is camping allowed? (In case of...