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    Your preferred sello (stamp)

    Pretty wax seal with ribbon at our lodging in Caldas de Reis. We weren't looking for it, it just surprised us! P.S. I always wanted a stamp like the El Ramón stamp in the movie The Way, the best stamp! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    I saw a podiatrist I trust, the best spent $75 🤓
  3. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    In case it helps, I switched from Altras to wide, New Balance 880 v12 Fresh Foam.... the greater heel drop was like night and day!.... if you live by a NB store, they have amazing foot scanners. I agree with @Lurch, seeing a specialist is the best advice because they can analyse your feet...
  4. Ultreia et Suseia!

    What historical evidence exists of Jewish influences on the Camino de Santiago?

    I know it's an old thread, but I found this when walking through Tui 🤓
  5. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    Yes, I bought the wrong shoes (Altra) for my camino before consulting with a podiatrist 🤦🏻‍♀️ they felt wonderful.... at the store.
  6. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    Just in case you're wearing zero-drop shoes.... they gave me tendonitis. Once I replaced them with nice and cushy 3-5mm shoes, tendonitis be gone! 🤓
  7. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Traveling from western Canada - how far in advance do you book your flights?

    I booked Vancouver-Frankfurt-Porto three mouths before (I caminoed early this September). Lufhansa changed my plans on the very day of travel but I ended with a much better flight Vancouver-Newark-Porto. Whatever you do, book directly with the airline; I booked through Expedia because of price...
  8. Ultreia et Suseia!

    If you default the 100k rule... Cotolaya is here for you!

    I am so happy there is a credential for dogs. One of my favourite scenes of the Tres en el Camino documentary is when the owner of Troki the dog can't understand why his little companion couldn't get a compostela even though he walked with his little furry legs all the way from Sevilla 💔🥰
  9. Ultreia et Suseia!

    I think my Camino 'Lessons' have started....

    The same thing heppened to me! Lufthansa moved my flight to the next day due to a pilot strike. I lost one day of holidays and there's nobody you can talk to anymore, just bots in their webpage. While the camino was great, I find that getting there and out with air travel is horrendous these...
  10. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Walking from Porto, September 2022

    A special thanks to you @Albertinho for all your advice, especially this one. We found a place in Matisinhos off the beaten path called "O Malcriado".... mamma mia. It was soooooooo good I came back to eat here on the way back too. Thank you! That soupy rice, the carapau, the potatoes, the...
  11. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Suggestions for relieving yourself

    Thank you thank you thank you for all the great pointers. I did the Portuguese Coastal and found the cafes sufficient; except twice when I discovered these "makeshift" toilets. The ziploc advice us the best I've heard! Thank you! 🙏🏽 I strongly agree on using the cafes and making donations! 💪🏽👏🏽
  12. Ultreia et Suseia!

    If you default the 100k rule... Cotolaya is here for you!

    No issue here, all good and happy for me 🙂 Thank you so much for the sentiment; i could have cheated and not disclose I took a taxi but I'm happy with my Franciscan certificate 🥰 I know how much I walked and for me that's enough, I appreciate the sentiment though 🥰 Thank you for taking the...
  13. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Random thing that made you smile on Camino?

    A lovely hospitalera in O Porriño gave all pilgrims staying at her property (O Corzon) native oak seedlings ready to be planted along our paths in a reforestation effort. This happened after breakfast the day we continued on our camino. I used the app what3words after I planted my seedling to...
  14. Ultreia et Suseia!

    Suggestions for relieving yourself

    Many pilgrims use corners and bushes as toilets. In an attempt to minimize these makeshift toilets, I offer two suggestions: 1. Use the toilets and the cafés on your path, bonus deed: buy a bottle of water or a snack to help them run them (costs of paper, cleaning, offering a stamp). 2. If...
  15. Ultreia et Suseia!

    If you default the 100k rule... Cotolaya is here for you!

    It's a great memento! Some stamps are beautiful. For me it's all the serendipitous interactions and landscapes.

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