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Recent content by Ulysse

  1. Ulysse

    Swine flu

    Tinto will kill ANY virus, either from pigs or other beasts :wink:
  2. Ulysse

    Name that town...

    Thank you Héloïse.
  3. Ulysse

    Name that town...

    This is a picture I took on October 4th 2005; it was HOT, to say the least, and no mud that year.
  4. Ulysse

    Name that town...

    I cannot remember the name of this village between Puente la Reina and Estrellas. Could it be Cirauqui ?
  5. Ulysse

    Galician Amigos call for regulation of private albergues

    In my experience the private albergues in Galicia were much superior to the ones run by the Xunta, especially when it came to cleanliness and security. Strange that governments when inapt at running facilities only find regulations and more regulations to defeat the competition. Why not make an...
  6. Ulysse

    LIVE from the Camino Leave tomorrow for Leon!

    Leon and its beautiful cathedral. It is a nice town but leaving hotel de Paris early in the morning, pitch dark and getting out through the waking suburbs was not so pleasant, However when the sun started shining we were already in the fields, a more serene environment. I envy you a bit and...
  7. Ulysse

    On The Rural Spain

    It is quite relevant indeed, even more so than the ridiculous questions like : what kind of shoes to wear or should I take a poncho or a raincoat... To walk to Santiago does not prevent one from being conscious of the social problems of the country you are crossing. Sure it is a pilgrimage and...
  8. Ulysse

    Lisbon to Santiago in September

    Anybody leaving from Lisbon to Santiago in mid/end September.
  9. Ulysse

    Photos, Astorga-Ponferrada

    Thanks Javier. I would not make a special trip to answer my question. Maybe someone that goes by will provide an answer.
  10. Ulysse

    Photos, Astorga-Ponferrada

    Thanks Javier for these nice photos. Can you tell me if the old church in Foncebadon is still standing (the one where the refuge is). When I was there in October 2006 it seemed that the main wall was about to crash.
  11. Ulysse

    Braga-Lugo Roman road path

    Great link for roman history fans and hikers, wether pilgrims or not. Thanks for letting us know about this. With a cable connection download time is reasonable.
  12. Ulysse


    Re: Accomadation Peregriina As I will probably leave Lisbon in March 08 to go to Santiago, I am most interested to read your comments on this route. Please tell us about it soon on your return. Buen Camino to you.
  13. Ulysse

    How do they pick those adverts?

    These ads do not bother me a bit. If someone clicks on them this is added revenue for Ivar, so what! I may add that one needs an enormous amount of clicks to make a SMALL payback at the end of the month. This may assist in upkeep costs of the site. As to relevancy, well this is another issue...
  14. Ulysse

    Where to start

    Camino in April As I am now planning to walk this camino, from Lisbon, in April-May 08, I am concerned a bit about the weather conditions as some mention rain and other floodings at that time of year. As anyone got experience walking this route in springtime ? What is it like ? I finished the...
  15. Ulysse

    Santiago in South America

    We just returned from a trip in South America and I would like to share 2 pictures of Santiago. The first one is The Patron saint of Santiago de Chili in the cathedral. The second is a representation of El Matamorros in the cathedral of Cuzco (Peru);