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Recent content by vagabondette

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    pretty sure i am leaving the camino after tomorrow

    I love that since I didn't do what you did and what you think i should do, i must be "superficial and possessed by the desire for external delights". Jeez. What rubbish. Must be lovely to be as wonderful as you are David. :roll: With that, I am gone.
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    iPad2 on the Camino (Frances)

    You don't have to root your n7 to use USB otg unless you want to write to the memory card. Mine isn't rooted and it works great with my USB otg.
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    pretty sure i am leaving the camino after tomorrow

    I defended my need to have technology on the Camino (which really should need to be defended at all because it is generally only judgmental people who use phrases like "real pilgrim" who get their panties in a bunch about people with technology and since they don't have to carry it, why should...
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    pretty sure i am leaving the camino after tomorrow

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. I am in burgos now and have decided to stop walking. The things that have rally bugged me aren't going to change and, while I will miss the people, I know I will meet more people as I continue traveling. I think my problem stems from interrupting my Camino for...
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    pretty sure i am leaving the camino after tomorrow

    Not sure if that was really directed to me since the two statements were combined from separate points. Are you suggesting I have too much crap? If so, you'd be wrong. My bag comes in at 12 lbs, skin-out, which includes 2 lbs of tech gear, snacks and water. I have, by far, one of the smallest...
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    Travelling alone on the Camino!

    Quite possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever read... Single female currently walking lone with no issues having met many others like me. Just do it
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    pretty sure i am leaving the camino after tomorrow

    I was really looking forward to walking the Camino and I have enjoyed it - especially some of the people I have met - but I am pretty sure I am leaving it after tomorrows walk to burgos because I am just bored with it all. I am sick of packing and unpacking my crap every day (easily my least...
  8. V


    Check skyscanner for flights. Put in your city/state and choose "everywhere" as the destination with the month you want to fly and it will give you the cheapest option to get to europe. Then, you can train/plane to your starting point. Right now I am seeking return flights for about $1200. As...
  9. V

    Backpack size

    I ended up with a talon 44 that is half empty because I wasn't carrying enough to fill the talon 33 I had which made it carry bad because of lack of frame. The 20l would have been plenty but I wanted something more versatile that I could use for other trips.
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    iPad2 on the Camino (Frances)

    I don't use I products but I am going with my tablet and it charges fine overnight. Anything you might need immediate access to I wouldn't keep on the cloud as you might not have access. No idea about 3g but talk to your provider about roaming. My friend was told he would have no roaming fees...
  11. V

    I'm probably taking too much ...

    I would get rid of the following: apartment key - leave it at home with a friend plastic carabiner - brought one, never used it. copy of passport - email yourself a copy extra passport photo - won't need it blister kit: six 1.5x 2" thick molesskin, small scissors, 1 pkt 2nd skin; 4 Dr...
  12. V

    Copies of credit cards, ID, itinerary stolen

    Actually, they're best kept in an email to yourself that you can access from anywhere and don't have to wory about trying to connect with someone back home. All you need for the cards is the phone number, no need for the card number as they can look that up. For the passport you just need the...
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    Boots, shoes or sandals

    Re: socks A sock liner is a thin sock (when I wear them I use women's knee-high nylons) you wear under your thick socks. They help cut down on friction. I only wear them when I am doing hard core hiking in hiking boots but you should experience,went with various solutions until you find one...
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    Leaving USA today! Packing list, final rec's?!

    Not everyone needs to use Vaseline or glide stuff on their feet. I wear a single pair of running socks and nothing else and I have had no problems. I think whether you blister or it has more to do with each persons skin than anything else - assuming properly fitting equipment, of course.
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    Boots, shoes or sandals

    I am wearing lightweight trainers on my caminoand they have been great. Nary a blister to be seen and my feet stay nice and cool. All my friends in boots, particularly waterproof ones, are all blistered up.