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  1. Walkerooni

    How to take trekking poles to Spain despite airline regulations...

    I carried my pack on plane, but checked a 24” cardboard mailing tube (about $3) into which I put my poles and a few extra liquids—contact lens solution, mini shampoos, a small set of scissors. I figured if the airline lost that, not so bad... The main drag in SJPdP has a good store on...
  2. Walkerooni

    Comment by 'Walkerooni' in media 'The cute and shiny little train from Bayonne to SJPP. Fond memories...'

    There as a train strike on when I went in 2018, so I arrived by bus. Next time I hope to be on this!
  3. Walkerooni

    Comment by 'Walkerooni' in media 'Camino-0046.jpg'

    I took this exact picture! Just love it.
  4. Walkerooni

    Bed sheets

    Honestly - I’d just like to carry a fitted sheet with me. OK. Do that..
  5. Walkerooni

    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    Having also travelled from North America (Canada) ,I appreciate a lot of planning is required even to make it to the start line. BUT, once there, throw it all away. Go with enough days to build flexibility into your Camino. Then just go with whatever comes up. I saw a sign outside of Burgos...
  6. Walkerooni

    New Three-Season Layering Options

    For probably 6 months on the Camino, shorts and t-shirts work fine. Rather than layers, I take a pair of arm warmers. Short-sleeved tech shirt plus arm warmers, which typically come off after walking 15-20 minutes in the morning. Can put on or take off without breaking stride. I was shocked...
  7. Walkerooni

    Suggestions for a week long stay on the CF Route

    Sorry an injury has changed your plans, but bravo for the rehab which will get you out there, even just for part of it. If you had planned to walk from SJPdP, at 25k/day it would have taken you over 30 days. Not sure how long you are allotting for the last 100k, but even slowly, I think you...
  8. Walkerooni

    Comment by 'Walkerooni' in media 'La "Terrible" Meseta.'

    Just loved the Meseta! The thing I loved most about it is that most people choose to skip it, thinking it is boring! 😂. The blessed serenity of it, as a result, made my Camino!
  9. Walkerooni

    Hey, Johan, I still plan to go back, but who knows when the hell this will even be possible...

    Hey, Johan, I still plan to go back, but who knows when the hell this will even be possible? Certainly not in 2021. Hopefully in the next few years. I cannot wait. But alas, I have to. Hope you are doing well.
  10. Walkerooni

    Comment by 'Walkerooni' in media 'You have to document evrything!!'

    Good Lord, I was concerned that was MY butt until I saw the date of he photo. Stretching is important!
  11. Walkerooni

    COVID Camino Frances Open?

    Unless you, as a US citizen, also have European citizenship, you are not allowed to leave the US and arrive in most European countries. A simple Google search will give you the info you require.
  12. Walkerooni

    Comment by 'Walkerooni' in media 'Steep uphill for O'Cebreiro reward'

    By that point I didn’t really consider this a hill.
  13. Walkerooni

    Struggling with sock choice

    I use Wright socks—double layered, so the layers rub on each other, not on your foot. They come in different lengths (ankle high, and upward to accommodate different shoe/boot styles), and also come in a variety of weights. Blister free on SJPdP to Santiago.