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  1. Walking Viking

    Can we have an experienced view on our planned first leg, please :)

    Beate and Hanne, I walked the del Norte from Irun to Santiago April 28 - June 4 this year. First two nights in Spain (April 26-27) I stayed at the Bar Pension Bidasoa. This pension is on the camino. Out the front door early on the 28th, left turn, down two streets and another left turn. There...
  2. Walking Viking

    Camino del Norte in April

    JJ, I walked the del Norte this past April 28 - June 3. Weather wise, it was an exceptional camino. The night before I left Irun, it was raining in torrents. I was sitting in the Bar Pension Bidasoa for a few hours going over my camino plan. There were pilgrims coming by on the del Norte (the...
  3. Walking Viking

    Lisbon to Santiago Sept 2015

    Joanne, I am planning my second camino (first camino - del Norte, April 28 - June 3, 2015), looking at Portuguese. Will follow your posts. I am especially interested in the Lisbon - Santarem - Porto segments. Buen Camino, WV
  4. Walking Viking

    Camino del Norte guidebook recommendations

    QUOTE="Lucy Smev, post: 336809, member: 48902"]Hola Tia Valeria, Thank you so much for the suggestion of purchasing the CSJ guides- that's really quite nice that you suggested these as I've just found them online. It seems like a serendipitous coincidence so I'm going to purchase these and then...
  5. Walking Viking

    Camino del Norte guidebook recommendations

    Jaquie, The albergue at Guemes is the cleanest and neatest albergue I visited on my camino. There is a laundry on site that was continually in use by the staff while I was there. They provide a coin operated washer near the laundry, with soap and dryer for the pilgrims, which I used to clean...
  6. Walking Viking

    Prevention & Treatment of Aching Feet

    Some how the written portion of my post dissappeared. I will try to rewrite it here. Pete, I believe the Camino you plan on walking will determine your training regimine. I walked my camino ( Del Norte, April 28 - June 3, this year). I researched the del Norte extensively and realized that I...
  7. Walking Viking

    Camino del Norte guidebook recommendations

    Jacquie, All of the albergues on the list, which I posted, had necessary bedding; bed, pillow and most had bottom sheets (disposable). I made a habit of sleeping on or in my sleeping bag, except in one muni albergue (Estacion de Feve in Llanes) they would not allow sleeping bags on their beds...
  8. Walking Viking

    Camino del Norte guidebook recommendations

    Lucy, When on my camino (del Norte, April 28- June 3 this year) I decided to plan a rest day about once a week to give my body a chance to heal and repair any injuries which occured during the stages. Here is a partial list of hotels/albergues/pensions where I stayed: San Sebastian -...
  9. Walking Viking

    Morning Walking

    Jetgirl, I am an early riser by nature, usually waking up an hour, or so, from sunrise. Being on the way at sunrise a lot while on the del Norte allowed me to experience many, many wonderful images. Here are a few: Sunrise between Sobrado and Arzua Sunrise arriving at Santiago Daybreak in...
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  11. Walking Viking

    Camino del Norte guidebook recommendations

    Lucy, I walked the del Norte from Irun to Santiago April 28 to June 3, this year. It was my first camino. As you said, there is a lot of info on the caminos out there. This forum is very good as a reference point for asking questions and getting advice. The only issue is the information here...
  12. Walking Viking

    Bilbao to Portugalete routes

    Nangiakki, On this forum I responed to a thread about the route from Bilbao to Potrugalete. It was suggested to me to take the river route on the Northeast side of the river by the attendant at the Tourist Information Office. I started on that route (May 6th this year.) but after about 2-3 km I...
  13. Walking Viking

    Hostel/Hotel at start of Camino in Irún?

    Sharon, In the post just above, the writer suggested the Bar Pension Restaurant Bidasoa. I stayed there for two nights on April 26th and 27th this year. It is located on the camino. For two days before My start date (April 28) I would watch pilgrims go by the always open front door, on the...
  14. Mud bog outside Villaviciosa

    Mud bog outside Villaviciosa

    4 days after any rain