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  1. Walkingforheinz

    Warning on camino frances

    Running away was a good option for you as you successfully evaded him. There is a saying about a wise person, "He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day" I would change that to "She who runs away, lives to walk another day!" Good for you for taking care of yourself so well. And...
  2. Walkingforheinz

    Does anyone know the actual height (in metres or feet) of the tall bridge that leads to...

    Does anyone know the actual height (in metres or feet) of the tall bridge that leads to Portomarin? I am unable to find the statistics online.
  3. Walkingforheinz

    Pórtico da Gloria closing today (Sept. 19 2018)

    It seems I win’t Be able to walk fast enough to see it.
  4. Walkingforheinz


    I am beginning my first Camino in Leon in a few weeks. I , too, will be starting with a foot problem that makes me aware of every step. I am no longer young! Your post encourages me. Like you I have decided that I will do what is necessary to be able to continue. It may mean sending my pack...
  5. Walkingforheinz

    Alternative Route - Camino Frances

    That answers my question!
  6. Walkingforheinz

    Alternative Route - Camino Frances

    i should mention that I am not so young anymore and walk rather slowly!
  7. Walkingforheinz

    Alternative Route - Camino Frances

    I will be landing in Madrid. How long is the walk from Madrid to Leon? I have 4 days before meeting friends in Leon.
  8. Walkingforheinz

    The One With The Most Money Wins

    I read this post and the ensuing discussion with interest. I have never "backpacked". Carrying a pack to walk a portion of the Frances route will be my first time doing so in 67 years. When shopping for a pack, I was uncharacteristicallly stressed out; I could feel that each pack I tried on...
  9. Walkingforheinz

    Le Puy route fiction/nonfiction

    Paris to the Pyrenees A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James by David Downie Not sure if this is the route you are talking about but author walks across France with his wife. My local library had a copy.
  10. Walkingforheinz

    Top Exercises to Help Avoid Plantar Fasciitis

    Thank you for taking the time to share these exercises.
  11. Walkingforheinz

    Train from Madrid to Leon

    So am I. What day in September are you leaving Madrid?
  12. Walkingforheinz

    Getting Old.

    As someone who has relied on glasses since the age of 10 in order to identify my loved ones at a distance of more than 6 inches and find my way out of the bedroom each morning, I don't think you have too much to complain about! Buy a pair of funky coloured reading glasses and rock the look.
  13. Walkingforheinz

    Brierly Guide

    I have the latest 2018 edition purchased in a store in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  14. Walkingforheinz

    Walking Poles or not?

    I am a convert to using poles. I bought walking poles about 20 years ago and only used them about 6 times. Now that I am preparing for the Camino, I have watched the videos on proper technique and am using them every time I walk - they significantly reduce strain on my knees on descents and...

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