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    A 'One Word' Why?

  2. WalkingJane


    I've been online lot, beside reading. Found WALES2WIN with a video of a male choir form Pendyrus singing "Bring Him Back". Can't figure out right now how to post a link. Hauntingly beautiful!
  3. WalkingJane

    Something terrible happened to me on the camino today

    I lived in snow country - mostly western New York state, but one year in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Will be really happy if I never see another snowflake except in photos. This is not what I would have wanted for a Camino. You are taking it very well!
  4. WalkingJane

    Helping cafes, bars, albergues and Camino businesses during COVID shutdown

    I have been sitting here thinking the same thing!
  5. WalkingJane

    My "CoronaCamino 2020"

    Oh, yes, more please! Delightful drawing.
  6. WalkingJane

    Ancestry DNA Explains it all !

    Yours is the best!
  7. WalkingJane


    What lovely work! I knit, but am hopeless with crochet. What a nice way to have warmth at night on the Camino.
  8. WalkingJane

    ‘Native’ language marker?

    May I come too? To lunch, that is.
  9. WalkingJane

    Things you enjoy that you can leave them at home

    House keeping and cooking.
  10. WalkingJane

    Starting in Lisbon

    Oh, yes! No one who can possibly manage the time should skip Lisbon. Thank you for noting these "must go" places. Also, at Belem, there is a monument to the "Discoverers": Magellan, Vasco de Gama, Bartholomeu Diaz etc. Prince Henry 'the Navigator" sponsored those who developed the...
  11. WalkingJane

    Where to buy a Fado/Portuguese Guitar

    Oh! Uma riqueza de Fado. Saudades....
  12. WalkingJane

    Where to buy a Fado/Portuguese Guitar

    Braga is an interesting city. Many obvious things, others less easy to find, like perhaps this shop. Ask where you stay about things tourists might not look for, or simply meander. I lived there 2 years, before doing Caminos and enjoyed the stay.
  13. WalkingJane

    A 'One Word' Why?

    For a long time I thought that "why?" was a question that seldom had a useful answer. You've changed that idea!
  14. WalkingJane

    Walking in cooler temperatures.

    Good advice. I agree that merino wool is great though I cannot wear it as an under layer. Socks, yes! But what works for me for inner layer is light weight silk. I tend to be cold and use silk long underwear at home in winter, as well as having worn them in early May and October on the...

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