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    How long does one stay in Santiago de Compostela

    I always walk straight too the pilgrim office and then move on to finisterre... the first time i stayed for 1 night, but i find that after a long walk the shock of soo many people in a small place is too big...i never enjoy it. the place itself is pretty nice to look at, but imo nothing...
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    Swimming trunks??

    i use swimming trunks as walking shorts the whole camino. they're perfect for it..nice and light
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    Starting May 14 in SJPDP. The Final Countdown :)

    good luck donjohn :) and if the nerves get too much before departure send me a pm and maybe we can meet. I'm from antwerp and have done multiple camino's over the last 10yrs...i can ease your mind for the price of a beer ;)
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    Wearing shorts?

    swimming shorts they're light, doesn't matter if they get wet or anything and to wash 'em you just go swimming somewhere and last but not least with the netting they also eliminate the need for underwear :)
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    Starting when not totally fit?

    whoa :shock: okay scratch that idea then :(
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    Starting when not totally fit?

    if you start from SDJP there is a refugio about 7-8km into the climb. So I think it would be worth it to try the pyrenees but to stop at that first refugio (it also has a very nice view :) ) even if you don't feel pain during the walk up there it is entirely possible that the pain will...
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    Starting when not totally fit?

    yeah of course he will not stay home because of a minor inconvenience :) just take it easy, listen to your body(!!!), use poles to take the weight of the leg and don't be ashamed to ask a fellow pilgrim to carry your pack for a short while when there's a particularly steep bit and you feel...
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    Starting when not totally fit?

    yes of course but you have to admit that the steep climb and the following, even steeper, descent from SJDP to Roncevalles is quite extreme and you won't see something like that for the rest of the camino i'm just cautioning against the pyrenees because it is the very first day of the hike...
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    Something to chew on!

    I found myself singing 'I wanna be sedated' by The Ramones a lot...particularly the last 5km of the day :)
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    Starting when not totally fit?

    mmm that's awkward... I know that the shins are especially vulnerable when walking up- & downhill...because of the angle of your feet. In general i wouldn't recommend going when it's not completely healed, because this kind of injury (with the shins) happens a lot on the camino, even for...
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    Camino to Fisterra

    the walk to finisterre, and then on to Muxia is, in my opinion, the most beautifull part of the Camino. Not only that but Finisterre itself is a very powerfull place that feels like a proper end to a multi-week walk...a feeling i didn't have when i arrived in Santiago.... if you have the time...
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    u can snore all you want my friend, secure in the knowledge that you are far from the only one :) no seriously it's the non-snores who are in the minority and who need to buy earplugs.. if you are serious about limiting your snoring I applaud you but it won't make the slightest difference...
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    Valladolid -> Puebla de Sanabria

    hmmm yes i could do that, but then i have to travel from valladolid to leon to sanabria... A lot of time on the road and not exactly in a straight line :) Does anyone know what the earliest busservice is from valladolid to Puebla de Sanabria? on a monday. I would look it up myself, but...
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    Valladolid -> Puebla de Sanabria

    thx for the advice :) I know there is a direct connection between Valladolid and Sanabria, both by bus and by train, but the problem is that I don't want to stay a night in Valladolid...well it's not that i don't want too but a Hotel in the summer is gonna cost me a lot of money But since...
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    last minute packing advice

    those sleeping pads come in handy. You can use them as pillows, you can prop them up against a wall and lean back against them, when you feel like resting in a field somewhere you can lie down on them, .... i haven't really used mine a lot as a sleeping mat per sé, but almost daily i found...