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  1. Wazza1952

    Alternative to the ALTUS -

    Annie, I have had a Bluefield Poncho for about 12 months and it seems to work well. I was attracted by the price (about $16) in case I didn't like wearing a poncho. (As a side note I have just noticed that Amazon will now NOT ship to Melbourne, Australia, my home town!) Whilst it may not have...
  2. Wazza1952

    Newbie needing advice

    Welcome to the forum Tony. In addition to the excellent advice you will receive from our fellow contributors in relation to walking the Camino in Spain I suggest you also research the advice provided on www.whiteblaze.net which is specific to the AT. As our colleague SYates mentioned you are...
  3. Wazza1952

    sleep sheet vs sleeping bag for May Camino?

    Hi Christinaa, the silk liner would add a little extra warmth for minor weight. For the times the nights inside the albergues were warm/hot a silk liner maybe all you need. BTW I have never slept in a "reactor" by itself as I always sleep in my silk liner. Try the combinations at home first.
  4. Wazza1952

    sleep sheet vs sleeping bag for May Camino?

    Christinaa, you could also consider teaming a silk bag liner with a "Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Fleece type Liner. Three models, with the heavier one, at 400gms, adding 14 degrees C in temp, and relatively small in size.
  5. Wazza1952

    Backpack Etiquette - or I don't want to be a Jerk

    Well said Rebekah. For us blokes the "family jewels" are always with us!
  6. Wazza1952

    Question for Australian Pilgrims

    Hi Annie, being Melbourne lad I travelled early May 2014 on Emirates to Barcelona. It was a Monday flight, leaving at 9.30pm, two hour stopover in Dubai, arriving early afternoon on Tuesday in Barcelona. I then caught a fast train to Pamplona arriving approximately 6.30pm. Istvan then pickup me...
  7. Wazza1952

    Pamplona Albergue

    Pensión Corazón Puro is certainly the one. Istvan & Barbara provide a great service at a modest fare. (less than 50 Euro in May 2014)
  8. Wazza1952

    Question for t2andreo or anyone else with the Sea to Summit tarp poncho

    Pudgypilgrim, you might also consider the Bluefield Ponchos sold On Amazon. Modest price - approx US$20. I have used mine on many occasions on open trail walking, even in rough weather. I would not however contemplate wearing it in the Aussie bush. Check out Amazon for the specs. Good fortune in...
  9. Wazza1952

    Altus Ponchos

    Hi Peregrina2000. Yes, I have used this poncho on 6-7 occasions. some during heavy storms for short periods of time - 30-40 minutes max. As there are no cuffs ventilation is assisted. In terms of durability it is too early to say, other than to say I would not wear it in the Aussie bush. For...
  10. Wazza1952

    Altus Ponchos

    You could also consider the Bluefield One Piece Raincoat Cape available at Amazon for US$17. It is a poncho similar to the ones being spoken of here.
  11. Wazza1952

    BackPack Flight Covers

    Another option to consider is the Osprey Airporter pack bag, which folds up quite small (fist size). The small size will fit up to 50 Litre packs and for the "gram weenies" it weighs 350 grams. It is rugged enough to hold a pack and poles, and mine has withstood many trips in cargo holds. Cost...