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    How do you repair Atlus rain poncho?

    Yacht Chandlers sell Spinnaker repair tape in several colours. This is waterproof. Follow Jeff Crawley's instructions (above) on how to use it.
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    Walking the coastal way this June-July

    Porto is well worth exploring.
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    This map is GREAT!!!

    Mine arrived today too. Thank you Ivar.
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    Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques - Question about water

    In a heat wave I would want over 1.5 litres. One day in Italy my wife and I used 3 litres between us ( it was 32 deg C). When we got to our accommodation we each downed 2 glasses in double quick time!
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    The wild-west days of the camino

    The Road to Santiago is in my local library. I have put in a reservation.
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    Recommendations for best route if only walking 5 days

    The Portuguese Coastal Route is another one to consider. Do you want to get a Compostela? If so you have to walk at least 100km to Santiago. You will then need another day in Santiago to get your Compostela. If you do not need a Compostela, then start at Pontevedra which desrerves some time to...
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    Vision and eyeglasses while walking

    On my Camino last year I wore single vision prescription sunglasses (it was sunny:)). I had a pocket magnifying glass which I used to read maps etc.
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    Easy and comfortable options from Sarria

    My wife and I walked the Portuguese Coastal route last year from Baiona to Santiago. Being new to pilgrimages we used a company to arrange accommodation for us. Our longest stage was 20km. in any case you could arrange a taxi to take you from a specific point on the route to accommodation and...
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    Cooking/Eating too much while in quarantine !!!

    WRT Blue Vinney - you need Gillingham in Dorset - NOT kent.
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    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    Did not Spain provide a lot of Olive oil to the Roman Empire? It would surely have been available in ~ 1000 AD.
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    Armchair tasting tour of Spanish wine

    Some of the most interesting wine I had on pilgrimage came in unlabelled bottles - and I include Orujo.
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    Yummy Recipes for Self-Isolation

    Thank you Anniesantiago (post no 1) for the Azore bean recipe. It is delicious - especially when partnered with wine from the Iberian Peninsular.
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    Camino on a Wheelchair

    I walked Baiona to SdC last September. Most of the route was wheelchair possible. There is a forest path about 13Km from Baiona which could prove difficult. From memory the Vinotel 7 uevas in Nigran would be wheelchair friendly. It is 200m from the Camino. I would contact the (very helpful)...
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    Advice welcome: easy and short camino to take my mum for her 70th bday :)

    Portuguese Coastal could fit your requirements. Five days at 15km a day is 105km - just enough for a Compostela. This means starting at Vigo. Less than 100km equals no Compostela. If a Compostela is not essential start at Pontevedra.
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    From Faro to the start of the Rota Vicentina

    I have stayed at the Hotel Marina Rio in Lagos which is between the Rail and Bus stations. You have to walk over a footbridge to walk from the Rail station which explains why a taxi had to take a long way round. Google maps shows the route.

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