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    Hiking poles with Ryanair

    You could buy hiking poles in Biarritz or similar for a lot less than Ryanair charge for hold baggage! I would try a Decathlon store.
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    Santiago back to the UK

    Use Skyscanner www.skyscanner.net It shows direct flights to Gatwick (Easyjet) and Stansted (Ryanair).
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    Martigny to Sembrancher

    Thank you for pointing out the Swiss Geoportal. However the red wlking routes do not distinguish between the Wanderwegs and Bergwegs. The wanderwegs should have no safety issues. On the ground wanderwegs have plain yellow signposts. Bergwegs have red and white markers.
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    Martigny to Sembrancher

    If you can see a copy of the Swiss 1:50000 T series map (282T covers Martigny) it will have the hiking routes marked in red. If the line is solid red (Wanderweg) there should be no problems. If it is a dashed red line, this is a (bergweg) and might prove more challenging. I only have an old (non...
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    The Five Pound Camino Pack

    I would add a first aid kit and a larger 1l metal (Sigg) water bottle. The shop 500ml bottles can crack and 500ml is not enough unless you can guarantee frequent replenishment
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    arriving at porto airport at night?

    How about staying at an Airport Hotel then going into Porto the next morning/
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    Walking on Diamond-Hard surfaces--Camino Question

    Sorbothane or similar insoles help a bit - but you may then need slightly larger boots / shoes.
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    Travel and Health Insurance

    Do check the fine print! One policy that I was offered excluded walking on recognized paths above 2000m. The Gt St Bernard pass on the VF goes up to 2469m....
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    Transport from Porto to Sarria and form Santiago to Porto.

    You can go by train. This takes all day with a 4 hour wait in Vigo Return from Santiago has more choice. DeutchBahn https://www.bahn.com/en/view/index.shtml will give the times in English. The Spanish Train Company RENFE runs the trains. I do not know what long distance buses can do.
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    Poles don't fit in checked luggage!

    Alpkit in England sell poles that collapse rto about 45 cm https://www.alpkit.com/products/compact-ultra-II-twins I use a set because of this feature.
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    Purchase of train tickets

    I would just buy at Oriente Station. There may well be a queue at the ticket office. The slower and cheaper IC trains have more room.

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