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  1. WolverineDG

    Interesting interactive map It's made by combining Google Maps with Panoramio. If you zoom in, you can see the Camino Frances.
  2. WolverineDG

    It's been an entire year and I'm feeling ready to go back

    Amazing film! Makes me want to go back now! Thanks for posting it!
  3. WolverineDG

    Jet Lag

    If you're staying at the Hotel Eslava that is near the Cathedral de San Lorenzo, you will be on the Camino. :) The Camino goes through the park & on to Cizur Menor. No worries about travelling on your own. I've done it for years, & walked the Camino 3 times by myself. You'll do fine!
  4. WolverineDG

    Jet Lag

    Definitely take a shower & change! I find that helps me get over jet lag best! I also stay out as late as I can, but usually hit the hay about 9 pm. Follow the advice above about taking it easy your first 2 days. Plenty of interesting places to stop along the way!
  5. WolverineDG

    St. Jean Pied de Port or Roncesvalles

    If you want to walk the route napoleon while Orisson is closed, & don't think you can make it in one day, you can take a taxi from SJP to the point where the Camino diverges from the road. It's not "cheating" to do this, especially considering your safety. As always, if the weather is bad &/or...
  6. WolverineDG

    What type and size water bottle to take?

    I would buy 1.5 or 2 liter bottles of water, then re-use the bottles by refilling them. I'd replace them after a few days when they became manky. :)
  7. WolverineDG

    Anomalies in THE WAY

    The Orisson sign also popped out at me. And it seems to take them a week to get to Pamplona. Maybe they should have lightened up those packs. lol Kelly
  8. WolverineDG

    Which camino do you recommend for a first timer?

    I would say it depends upon the pilgrim, but I would recommend the Frances (despite being more crowded, etc) because it is well-supported & supplied. That way, your newbie friend won't feel so overwhelmed by the experience & if they decide they don't like walking (I know I know, there are people...
  9. WolverineDG

    Travel from the U.S.

    I got a good fare in 2009 on Expedia, from my hometown to Paris, via Heathrow with a return from Madrid, again via Heathrow (but I was walking the Frances). I would check Expedia to see what options you have there, flying into either Madrid or Heathrow, then make your other arrangements...
  10. WolverineDG

    Question about the COMPOSTELA

    Just about any place offers a stamp. I got my compostela in 2009, but I don't recall them counting my stamps. They looked at them, to see where I had stopped, but didn't count them. But don't worry; getting 2 stamps per day isn't difficult. :) Kelly
  11. WolverineDG

    New Pilgrim and need advice!

    From Paris, you can take the train to SJP & from there a taxi to Roncesvalles (if you choose to start there), or you can fly from CDG or Orly to Bayonne (Air France or EasyJet---just make sure you know which airport you're departing from), then take the bus from the airport (trust me, you won't...
  12. WolverineDG

    What is the one albergue you would avoid?

    I have never stayed at the municipal albergue in Logrono, even though I've been there three times. :) Each time I got there, it was already full! A shame to hear that the hospitalero was acting that way. It isn't as though that albergue is the only game in town. The church further down has/had...
  13. WolverineDG

    New Pilgrim and need advice!

    First off, welcome to the Forum & Buen Camino! Second, as a woman who has walked the Camino (or parts of it) three times solo, I can tell you that provided you follow the usual safety tips you do at home, you should be safe on the Camino. There will be many others walking along with you & you...
  14. WolverineDG

    Three things that you would not do at home...

    1. Walk into bars everyday. Before noon. Even on a Sunday. :shock: 2. Go to church wearing a t-shirt, exercise pants, & flip-flops. :shock: 3. Drink Kas Naranja. :mrgreen: Kelly