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  1. wulf

    Need adive about credentials

    Some places ask for a donation but you'll find plenty along the route, so it is up to you which ones to use. If you stopped at every place you could get a stamp, you would probably find the that the weight of the "pilgrim passports" required would become an issue! Wulf
  2. wulf

    What do pilgrims actually DO during their journey to Santiag

    There is the outer journey (walking, cycling or riding) and the necessities (food, drink, shelter, footcare) and opportunities (sights to see, people to meet) that arise from it. I think that most pilgrims are also using the opportunity of the change from their regular routine and the pressures...
  3. wulf

    Aircraft hand-luggage restrictions to apply to all EU

    I've been okay with wine and other bottles in my checked luggage - wrapped in something soft and absorbent (like a towel), put in at least one plastic bag and then kept in the middle of the luggage. So far, no breakages. BTW, I'm still not impressed both that you can't carry a reasonable...
  4. wulf

    the end of the journey

    One of the strangest parts for me was the walk from Monte de Gozo down into the city. It felt very alien to be descending back into a bustling, everyday town, not least because the route marking becomes sporadic and you hardly get a glimpse of the cathedral until you're right upon it. Wulf
  5. wulf

    Latin translation....

    The first time I went, I think I got assigned something like Wulfram; this year I persuaded them to use Lupum (or, at least explained that my name meant 'wolf' or 'lupus' in Latin). Blessings on the people who work in that office during the summer; it must be a pretty tiring days work with a...
  6. wulf

    We are all real pilgrims

    For many of us, the days of walking down the well-worn paths that lead to Santiago de Compostela (I deeply appreciate the image of "perpetual pilgrimage" mentioned above) is just part of the journey. We begin much further back, in the comfort (or otherwise) of our own homes, planning and...
  7. wulf

    Ryanair to start service with Nottingham E Midlands

    You just can't beat those prices! It's a strange world when it probably costs you more to get to the airport than it does to fly a few hundred miles to another country! Wulf
  8. wulf


    That's what I did. I had the rucksack from my trip the previous year but one observation was that I probably didn't drink enough because it was awkward to get to the water. Therefore, this year I invested in a water bladder (to be honest, I can't remember if it is camel-branded or just a...
  9. wulf


    I took a 1L model this year. I also carried a couple of 500ml bottles in the side pouches of my rucksack, with which I could top up the camel pack later in day. That seemed to work out okay - I was covering about 20-25km a day and the weather was warm but overcast at times. 3L is quite a lot...
  10. wulf

    heaven at the end of Camino

    You know, I didn't realise that place was also a hotel! When I was there at the end of July, 25 de Julio was the place where I picked up an open wifi connection which allowed me to send a couple of emails back to my wife (I'd been snooping round town with my wifi Palm Pilot). When I got back to...
  11. wulf

    Transport Santiago-Sarria-O Cebreiro

    I think it is a great idea, especially with the fact that people can get a good measure of you by your interaction on this site (ie. I'd certainly trust you to get me from the airport to the starting point of my walk if I was planning another trip). Wulf
  12. wulf


    Much faster by bike than by foot - your last two days where what my group covered in a week! Wulf
  13. wulf

    uses for a walking stick

    A good list! Most people can walk without a stick but carrying one (or two) is far from a sign of weakness. I'd say that (from the couple of caminos I have done), the majority carry something in that line, although there is a rich variety in form and usage. Wulf
  14. wulf

    Transport Santiago-Sarria-O Cebreiro

    It needs to stay somewhere on the cheap side - I put down for €50-60, working on the basis that the service includes pick up at the airport, help with bags and transport all the way to the albergues in Sarria and O'Cebreiro. I'm trying to remember what my actual costs were earlier this year...
  15. wulf

    Reservations for Santiago

    :oops: I hope it works out as well for you as it did for me! I look forward to hearing how you get on. Best wishes. Wulf ps. I also ate in for the evening I stayed; €9 for the menu del día, including a generous quantity of wine (3/4 bottle!)