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  1. yesshesaid

    Historic photos of Camino Francés

    These are lovely and very meaningful--thank you!!
  2. yesshesaid

    Keeping in shape for the next Camino - whenever.

    Thanks, Paul A bit of history that I never knew (lots of those) and certainly a way to stitch up the world, no matter how far apart we live! My connections to the rest of the world generally come from the huge ships passing in the Delaware River channel visible from the street in front of my...
  3. yesshesaid

    What 'Camino' Food do you Now eat at Home?

    Where do you find pimentos de padron? They're my extreme weakness. . .
  4. yesshesaid

    Top 10 Best Walks in the World

    Great video; thanks, guys!
  5. yesshesaid

    New section for "The American Discovery Trail"

    Thank you, Ivar! Perfection!
  6. yesshesaid

    Parador in Muxía to open Easter 2020

    it's one more reminder that I can't go back, that today's life is the only one I get, and, for me, for whom Muxia was a perfect camino coda, only gratitude that Muxia will always be a sleepy, out of time fishing town at the edge of a great sea. Other towns; other times...
  7. yesshesaid

    A day to be grateful

    Thanks for all these posts--I am so grateful for you all, for the camino, and for the fleeting glimpse on the camino of the person I was meant to be. That's something to chase!
  8. yesshesaid

    Motivation for Training

    I agree with those who comment that, if you have time to train on the Camino, you'll be okay, but if you're on a tight time schedule, you run the risk of injuring yourself early on if you are badly out of shape and rushing. It's worth getting your cardio fitness up to snuff beforehand, even if...
  9. yesshesaid

    Travelling from Santiago airport with walking poles

    Yes, in June the desk agent insisted I put them inside the pack on an Aer Lingus flight. No problem at security then.
  10. yesshesaid

    Lightweight sit pads

    Try taking a piece of bubble wrap from your last Amazon purchase--light, dry, and you're recycling!
  11. yesshesaid

    Current need to book ahead

    Hi Joanne, That’s exactly when I did it this year—in fact I’m four days from Santiago! I also wanted to wing it and recommend you do just that. I’ve had no problem getting a bed if I arrive before 3 and it makes everything more spontaneous and Camino like! Be a pilgrim!! Not a tourist... Best...
  12. yesshesaid

    Routes Lacking Sufficient Municipal Albergue Beds...

    I’m close to Burgos now on the CF and the shortage of beds in what was to have been a shoulder season has me wondering. My goal was to walk and stop rather than book and run. But so many have their packs transported ahead, made reservations months ago from home, and treat this like a race that I...
  13. yesshesaid

    Pilgrim intention

    “Life is short and we do not have too much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel with us. So be quick to love and make haste to be kind. " -Henri Amiel Starting in late April, first time, bien camino amigas y amigos. . .
  14. yesshesaid

    An update

    Thank you so much; this is my hope for my first Camino next month--to be present, open, and able to walk through the opening doors. Your post is lyrical.
  15. yesshesaid

    What was the biggest surprise of your Camino?

    All of these posts are so heartening to me as I anticipate my first Camino—the reason for walking being a sorely felt need for connection and healing. Thank you all!!

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