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Recent content by YoCo

  1. YoCo

    Camino scrapbbok- how did you store, display, house Camino photos etc

    Susan, that looks lovely😍😎
  2. YoCo

    Camino scrapbbok- how did you store, display, house Camino photos etc

    Yeah, I agree! I'm going to print my IG photos and text I wrote out each day. KANVESS prints 3x3 photos, that's the size I want to print, just for the IG photos.
  3. YoCo

    Camino scrapbbok- how did you store, display, house Camino photos etc

    Just wondering what interesting and creative ways you have kept your Camino memories. I'm planning to do this soon and would love to hear your ideas, maybe use them 😁.
  4. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities info

    So glad this info was "corrected" by you peregrinos on this forum! My apologies 😔
  5. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities info

    I tried to put them in order, sorry if they are not 😞
  6. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities info

    ... from the Oviedo municipal albergue kitchen wall 😉😁😂. I wish I would have checked these against what was ready there in the villages but I didn't, sorry!
  7. YoCo

    Primitivo facilities from Oviedo municipal albergue

    I thought these would be helpful to those doing some planning for the Primativo. I didn't have a guide book just the download from the forum but for me the download was really out of date. All the work that went into it was great but out of date. I hope this helps someone. I'm guessing it's...
  8. YoCo

    Hospitales or Pola de Allande?

    I walked the Pola route and I felt I got the best of both beautiful landscapes. I got the amazing green brook that took my breath away and could have spent an hour there sitting on the bench just meditating. So overwhelmingly beautiful! Then I got to see the amazing view once at the top. Plus, I...
  9. YoCo

    Graffiti on the Frances

    I'm with you. Not appreciating the messages that were positive. Really? A well intentioned message has to be spray painted? I was just on the Frances, Norte, and Primativo and just could not believe all the mess.
  10. YoCo

    Primitivo Weather Concerns

    I suggest investing in an umbrella and it's great to keep the precip. off of you directly. I had excellent weather but I had a Mary Poppins type umbrella which was great for the light rain, sun, and as a walking pole. I loved it.
  11. YoCo

    Primitivo Weather Concerns

    I was just there in mid Sept. and I remember seeing measurement poles for snow. In CO we have them here in the higher elevations. But there were also signs with snowflakes on them adding snow falls in that area. So yeah, you could encounter snow.
  12. YoCo

    Which flight?

    If you haven't already booked to Biarritz, there are easyjet flights from CDG...I flew to Biarritz.
  13. YoCo

    Camino Primitivo (first timer Oct 2018) - So many questions!

    Another fellow Coloradoan! I'll be starting the Primativo on Thursday, leaving the del Norte. Cant wait!
  14. YoCo

    Bus from Logrono to Bilbao

    Navarro- that's my plan, to use Cuadra, thank you. Veronica- thanks for the option ;-)
  15. YoCo

    Bus from Logrono to Bilbao

    I'm planning this and wondered if anyone has taken this bus ride. Any advice, if necessary? Thanks!