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  1. Yodapsy

    Rehydration and electrolytes on the Camino Portugues

    When we did the CF in 2013, we often drank Aquarius (similar to Gatorade but seems less sweet) which was readily available almost everywhere. Is Aquarius available on the Camino Portugues. If not, is there a Portuguese equivalent?
  2. Yodapsy

    Broke Pilgrim Leaving in a Month

    When we walked the CF in 2013, we met an Italian guy named Mariano who started the Camino with 87 €. He made it all the way to Santiago by staying in Municipal albergues, donativos and also by asking people if he could make dinner for them, collecting a fee that was slightly more than what he...
  3. Yodapsy

    Free house-sitting

    Two weeks in Hawaii while we do the Camino Portugues?
  4. Yodapsy

    Places to eat in Vila Do Conde

    We arrive in Porto on the morning of July 13 and will walk to Vila Do Conde. We have hotel reservations in VDC but have been looking at YouTube videos about Portuguese food and our mouths have been watering. Any recommendations of restaurants or menu del dia in VDC or on the Portugues Central in...
  5. Yodapsy

    Vila do Conde to Barcelos - Advice Needed - Thanks

    We will be doing the same thing. We are starting on July 13 from Porto then July 14 from Vila Do Conde to Barcelos. This is all helpful information!
  6. Yodapsy

    Albergues between Tui and Porrino?

    I have looked at both the Brierley 2016 Camino Portugues Guide and the Harms 2018 Camino Portuguese guide and see no albergues between Tui and Porrino. Does anyone know of Albergues on this 17.5 K stretch?
  7. Yodapsy

    Lost Lost teddy bear along the Camino Portuguese :(

    We are starting the CP in three weeks. We will look for Wheetie!
  8. Yodapsy

    Little things that remind us of good times

    How bout buying a virtual round for all of us!
  9. Yodapsy

    Caminho Songs in Portuguese

    I have a collection of lots of Spanish and Galician songs about the camino, but haven't heard many Portuguese Camino songs. Does anyone have any expertise in this area? Favorite songs?
  10. Yodapsy

    Shengen Visa for U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card) Holder

    Hey Thanks Bajaracer, It looks like we were on the camino at the same time in 2013.
  11. Yodapsy

    Shengen Visa for U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card) Holder

    My wife and I are planning on walking the Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago in July of this year. I am a U.S. Citizen. She is Chinese and has a Green Card. Last time we walked (2013) we were both living in China and she did not have her Green Card yet and she had to get a Shengen Visa...
  12. Yodapsy

    Walking Poles- Emperors new clothing in stick form ?

    I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t have finished my Camino without hiking poles. They help distribute weight away from my flat feet and kept me from falling or slipping. I have rubber feet on the bottom of my Pacer Poles.
  13. Yodapsy

    Guitarist just before Astorga

    We saw this guy in July 2013. Seems like he has been there quite a while.
  14. Yodapsy

    The Best Song To represent The Camino

    As an old Deadhead, I second Ian's "Ripple." Some of my favorite songs for walking the camino: String Cheese Incident: The Road Home Cat Stevens: The Wind Grateful Dead: Dark Hollow Eagles: Peaceful Easy Feeling Jerry Garcia: Poor Wayfaring Stranger (old folk song) Grateful Dead; Been All...
  15. Yodapsy

    My moment at the Cruz de Ferro- a memorial

    Thanks for sharing the pics! Rob

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