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  1. Zordmot

    Advice on storing a bicycle

    I’m looking for ideas and suggestions. My plan is to arrive in Paris, take trains to SJPDP, and walk the CF. So far, so good. At the conclusion of my Camino, my plan is to spend several months cycling in Europe. I’m a seasoned bike tourer, so again, it’s all good. My challenge is storing my bike...
  2. Zordmot

    I Need a Hiking Buddy

    As a former employee and as a boss I’m totally blown away that what you do in your free time is any business at all of your boss. Unless he’s paying you at the rate of an NBA All-star I would suggest standing up for yourself or finding another job—especially now that there is a labor shortage...
  3. Zordmot

    Hiking poles (please bear with me) need honest advice.

    Obviously each of us has our own correct answer to this question. Mine is this. I always rejected the idea of poles, thought it was a stupid idea. Then at age 62 I experienced an episode of vertigo. I’ve pretty well recovered but discovered that I’m a little unsure and unbalanced especially when...
  4. Zordmot

    Focusing on transformation versus being 100% present

    I would suggest that walking AND being present to the moment AND reflecting on where your life is, where its been, and where its going are not mutually exclusive. The key factor is that you come to the Camino with an open mind, come as a seeker. You're seeking a deeper wisdom and a deeper...
  5. Zordmot

    Cooking your own food

    The common thread among responses is that it’s good to be real flexible regarding meals. Some days it’s possible to put together a really nice meal, other days the goal is just to get some edible calories into your tired body, and on other days you’ll be grateful for that one restaurant that...
  6. Zordmot

    Warning! Alert to women doing the Camino alone near Logroño - Please share

    So sorry this had to be one of your Camino memories. I would just highlight a few things that have already been said: 1) these men are usually cowards and are there simply for the reaction they get. They’re usually runners and not attackers. 2) it’s a lot to ask in a moment of panic but if you...
  7. Zordmot

    Pilgrim Menus - what are your favourite items?

    Along the CF, most cafes and restaurants offer a diverse pilgrim meal of the day: Monday- Tortilla de Patatas Tuesday- Tortilla de Patatas Wednesday- Tortilla de Patatas Thursday- Tortilla de Patatas Friday- Tortilla de Patatas haha
  8. Zordmot

    SJPDP budget friendly places to eat

    This is a strong recommendation: Stay at Beilari’s albergue across the tiny street from the Pilgrim office. Nice people, nice facility, dinner and light breakfast is included and they serve it communal style with some get-acquainted activities that mean that you start the camino with some new...
  9. Zordmot

    Focusing on transformation versus being 100% present

    I suggest that you’re right on track. I think it’s perfect that now you’re reflecting on your life in terms of past, present, and future. You’re defining the issues, being aware of the places of pain, unfinished business, and areas of uncertainty. Let that run its course as much as possible...
  10. Zordmot

    A Camino conundrum!

    I walked once starting April 28 and the other time I started Sept 15. Both times were good. Lots of rain in Galicia in October! My preference is end of April because you have that fresh feeling of Spring for much of it and there was just a very positive spirit amongst peregrinos. There were more...
  11. Zordmot

    Are You A Camino Junkie?

    It is a bit of a Camino film. We all get there by magical or mystical means one way or another—often through natural or personal disasters. The journey seems interminable and through difficulties we perceive as larger than life. Often we find that the scariest parts turn out to be just paper...
  12. Zordmot

    A Camino conundrum!

    I would start at the beginning, SJPP and walk to Burgos or perhaps a day or two beyond. I’ve done that and taken a taxi back to Burgos. And I’d spend that first night at Beilari’s across the tiny street from the Pilgrim Office to get your Camino off to a great start!
  13. Zordmot

    Deteriorating Behavior

    My experience on CF was that if you didn’t show for your reservation by 4:00 you would lose it and the next pilgrim there in-person could have it. It seemed that every place was fully booked out by 5 pm, every bed full, everyone happy. The system takes into account that people will be no-shows...
  14. Zordmot

    If you are staying in a private room are you tipping the help?

    A horrible experience!!! I’ve worked in restaurants and bars and our culture always was that we give the best service without expecting tips, treat each customer equally, provide an excellent experience for each customer. And then at the end of the night count up the tips. I’m sorry you...
  15. Zordmot

    If you are staying in a private room are you tipping the help?

    I guess I see it a bit differently. I try to see myself as a goodwill ambassador of sorts when traveling—representing all the good things of the people and places I come from, all that I was taught as a child, all that I’ve learned by experience which includes washing dishes, bussing and waiting...

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