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Recent content by Zordmot

  1. Zordmot

    How do you train for the Camino?

    I loved hiking at Halls Gap!!!!!
  2. Zordmot

    How do you train for the Camino?

    You have a good plan here! There’s unfortunately a bit of mythology out there that not training at all is a good approach. Many of these folks do make it fine but many others need to quit during the first week. My preparation before 2 Caminos was to spend a month in Oaxaca Mexico, which is at...
  3. Zordmot

    Socks colours - not a serious thread

    Ha! I’m another barefoot-in-sandals Camino walker!
  4. Zordmot

    I probably won’t do this again

    I would gently suggest that declaring other pilgrims "do not get the true meaning of the Camino" isn't a fair judgement and ultimately isn't ours to make.
  5. Zordmot

    I probably won’t do this again

    Thanks PeregrinoPaul!! Buenos Caminos!
  6. Zordmot

    I probably won’t do this again

    I was reading through these recent posts here when I suddenly realized that I wrote the original post. A bit of background. I had retired early in 2019 with the plan of walking Camino Francés—the fulfillment of a dream—in April-May. But during my training period I came down with several nagging...
  7. Zordmot

    Hiking Trailer for a dog, advice

    Hello Anamiri, You ask a legitimate question. I’ve followed a couple of vlogs that might offer some insight. The first is of Efren Gonzalez who has documented his walking of several caminos. I pulled one at random here where he walked the Via Fracegena from Canterbury to Rome carrying all his...
  8. Zordmot

    walking the Camino aged 79 (the French way)

    Excellent!! I think you can do it. Lots of good advice here. I’ll toss in my own here. 1) I think a 20 Sept start would be optimum, 2) Consider starting in Roncesvailles. The first segment is the hardest physically. 3) There is no success or failure. You are walking your own Camino at your own...
  9. Zordmot

    I think an apology is in order...

    I think its important to remember that we were all "inquirers at square one" at some point and thankfuly there were patient people here and elsewhere that not only tolerated our newbie questions but took them seriously and thus nurtured our interest in the Camino.
  10. Zordmot

    Donation Box

    On my first Camino I of course had to bring way too much stuff. I found that in many towns along the way there are bins set out for donated items, particularly clothing.
  11. Zordmot

    A small hymn in these troubled times

    Thanks for sharing this! I love Leunig. i love Michael Leunig and miss his cartoons now that I no longer live in Australia. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Zordmot

    Ashes to Spain?

  13. Zordmot

    Ashes to Spain?

    Yep, as a minister and hospice chaplain I think your last loving act was perfect. Who could possibly object? I say carry the ashes to Spain and follow Martin Sheen’s portrayal of a father who was giving his son what he desired: a walk with him along the Camino.
  14. Zordmot

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking

    Getting back to the original post and original question. The problem of some people building cairns and the problem of some others who wish to knock them down are related to the reality of the lawless nature of the Camino. There is a river of people moving through towns and countryside with no...
  15. Zordmot

    A Big Boo to Stone Stacking

    I would respectfully take a pass on this discussion but point out that any environmental or esthetic effect caused by stacks of rocks on the Camino is miniscule compared with what you will find behind any tree or bush along the CF.