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  1. zrexer

    Poll When would you consider going back to the camino?

    Tomorrow...only because yesterday isn't possible.
  2. zrexer

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    Nice info Dave. I have largely solved getting blisters over the years, but I still find by the end of a Camino, my feet start to just plain ache. All the tendons and joints in my feet start sending out messages that they are done and ready to go on strike! I think it is just the accumulative...
  3. zrexer

    Lisbon to Porto -October 2020

    I see we have had a couple of threads on this that have been shut down with the discussion moving off track, so let's stay on topic with this one! My wife and I are examining the possibility of walking from Lisbon to Porto in late September, early October this year. We have already done Porto...
  4. zrexer

    I'm plummeting...

    My main concern having discovered the Camino in my late fifties was that my body would wear out before my desire to keep walking Camino's was sated. Like all of you, I never expected something like Covid-19 to come on the scene and throw a wrench into the works. I have found this spring with my...
  5. zrexer

    Designing a Camino for the COVID-19 World

    I have been very blessed to walk six Camino's so far. Reading through most of this thread makes me realize I may have walked my last one for quite some time. The potential of quarantines to and from are a complete non starter for me time wise. Albergues as they currently are set up are also a...
  6. zrexer

    El Primitivo te espera (the Primitivo is waiting for you)

    My favorite Camino walk by far.
  7. zrexer

    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    Not all of The Way was shot on the actual Francis route, so who knows.
  8. zrexer

    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Just an update. My son did test negative for Covid-19 fortunately, but his flu like symptoms continue to drag on. He gets to where he is almost back to normal and then hit with another wave of it. Normally he rarely gets even a cold. So besides Covid-19, there seems to be a lot of nasty bugs...
  9. zrexer

    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    I have adjusted what I pack over my six Camino's, but have not actually ever weighed my pack. I am also hopelessly out of fashion still using my original 60L pack having not gotten into the proper fashionable 'micro pack' style. I now realize that I am not worthy, I am not even close to being...
  10. zrexer

    Keeping in shape for the next Camino - whenever.

    I walk my 7 kilometer route about 5 times a week. I also do light weights and core exercises 3 to 4 times a week. Once our snow goes in northern Alberta, I will get by bicycle out as well. I don't stay fit just for Camino's, but for quality of life. When people ask me how much training they...
  11. zrexer

    What’s on your camino music playlist ? This one is for Spain !

    Love this one by Amos Lee...El Camino
  12. zrexer

    What’s on your camino music playlist ? This one is for Spain !

    Like this old classic...but I have been to Spain 6 times now!
  13. zrexer

    Positive thoughts

    I guess we can look at the covid-19 as a good test to see how far we have advanced as a species. Seeing more positive so far than negative. Lets keep it that way! You quickly appreciate what is important in times like these and not to waste time on the unimportant.
  14. zrexer

    On a positive note...

    The side benefit is our environment is cleaner every day with less driving and flying. Who would of thought this was our path to a greener future? I have to say not having climate change as the news lead each day is a nice change.
  15. zrexer

    COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    Agreed, during the winter I am pretty much a hermit anyway in northern Alberta. Just hang out with my dog and do a lot of reading. I of course get dinner ready for my wife who still works. Retirement has turned me into a decent cook!

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