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Camino Forum Walk (2016)

Organized Camino walk

A few months ago I meet Nellie Meunier, she has just started "Ultreya Tours" and is located here in Santiago de Compostela. She has several years experience of organizing Camino Walks. Her English is perfect (she is french) as well as her Spanish. I got a very good impression of her and we started talking about maybe she could help us organizing a Camino Forum walk. So we have decided to give it a try for 2016.

Now, before I continue, let me just explain this. The Camino forum is great to plan your own Camino. With the great knowledge that is shared on the forum, everyone can plan their own Camino using the forum. No one needs to have it organized for them. This forum walk is for those that would like someone to organize the walk for them, and have all places booked in advance. The hotels used in this tour are good standard hotels, no albergues. As you may know from the forum, the albergues with its common sleeping areas adds a lot to the Camino (but it also has some disadvantages). It all depends on what you are looking for. This might be interesting for those that are looking for a comfortable way of doing the Camino.

For lodging, these walks uses top quality hotels on each stage. So this is not a low cost Camino, we are aiming for good quality lodging and an English speaking guide walking with you every day. For more details please click the links below to go to Nellie's site.

These walks are in May and August/September, so I can not personally participate. But Nellie will organize a dinner here in Santiago where I will be attending, just to hear your experiences and meet you all.

Available Camino Forum Walks for 2016:
-- Camino Frances: May the 10th to May the 17th
-- Camino Frances: September the 6th to September the 13th

-- Camino Portuguese Spiritual Way: May the 27th to June 4th
-- Camino Portuguese Spiritual Way: September the 23rd to October 1st

Please send an e-mail to Nellie. I have also created a "Social Forum" on the forum for topics related to the Camino Forum Walk here.This might be a good place for you to meet your fellow walkers or just ask questions to Nellie.

Please click here, then select "Social Forum Tools", and then "Join Social Forum" if you are interested in joining.

Oct 16, 2015
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