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All caminos in Europe in one KMZ file (also in google maps) Camino Europe v.2023

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I did it all camino ways for the whole Europe in one file. I made all those ways also in google maps. My plain is to make a map with all kinds of data for those routes (data about route, put accomodations and interesting points on map). If someone wants to help, just contact me and I will open map, that every one can put thing into the map.

Best regards, Andraž
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Latest reviews

Great Map. You can click on the names of the Caminos and it zooms in.It doesn't include the Rome Caminos, but everything that leads towards Santiago. Thank you, what a lot of work.
Thank you, this is great. Wonderful to see so many routes.
Will you add the via Francigena (Canterbury to Rome) one day?
Also it would be good to have a kml file for Google maps. It works automatically from your link but it would be good to have the kml file downloaded. Cheers.

at first, thanks for your revieve and I'm happy to se that thisis useful :) It takes me a lot of work, but I'm also satisfied with all this work. I also did it all those ways in stages, but it is only in Slovenian language, but the principle is the same. You can see it here: www.romartin.eu under tab Jakobove poti Evropa. I need to refresh some routes, but most of them they are done.

I also didnt know, that is so many routes in europe :) If I counted right it is around 250 ways! And propably some more which are not on those maps

Yes, I have KML file, but it is too big to put it here. Can you send me a mail with your email on personal message and I will send you with wetransfer.

About Via Francigena: in my old personal version I put it into map, but than I delete it, because I didn't know if this is also a camino way or not. I will put it back in few days, because now I don't have time, 'cause Im working something else.

Best regards, Andraž

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