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Burgos River Way 2016-04-13

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From minaleigh

So, I am very meticulous and an extremely visual person. I made this PDF for my friend and I illustrating the walk from Orbaneja Riopico, through Castañares, and into Burgos along the river. This is an alternate to the industrial route. This was made in part to the directions provided by @annakappa on her thread: Alternate route into Burgos and Clarely's blog post How to enter Burgos. I hope it helps people who do better with pictures than words like me! The PDF includes street view of the walk, as well as top-view images when the former wasn't available.
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Just arrived in Burgos following this guide: no problem just walk!
One small remark: when going out of Castanares, keep right on the road to access the blue bridge, the left side is only a park place...
Yes, this is a tricky piece on the Camino, but this resource will save you: Well done!
It took me 5 attempts to find the River way into Burgos, and this is what worked! Fabulous resource.
Excellent. Why are not all guidebooks like this!
Love the idea of this very pretty, so it seems, alternative route.

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