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Camino Teresiano E-Book Guide in PDF Format

Camino Teresiano E-Book Guide in PDF Format First Version

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Updated in 6/2023, you can use our one-of-a-kind and informative guide in PDF format for your own Camino Teresiano. This route, little known, is a jewel just waiting your discovery! Walk in the footsteps of St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross, medieval mystics who changed the face of "going deeper" forever.

Our guide is one-of-a-kind because it is the only guide we know that is written in English. You can find lots of information in Spanish, but you may miss something in this terrain where you need to plan ahead and call ahead to secure food and/or accommodation. It is a true pilgrimage adventure!

Plus, I tell my personal story, which makes this an interesting read, in addition to merely a guide book! I have been graced with wonderful experiences on this Camino, and also tell of my inner journey, which I believe you will enjoy!

The route goes from Ávila, Spain where St Teresa was born, and ends in Alba de Tormes, in the cathedral where she is buried. This route celebrates the life of St. Teresa from the "Cradle to the Grave." It is 107 or 117 km long, depending on whether you choose the northern or the southern route. The Camino Teresiano can be easily linked to the Via de la Plata in Salamanca, as a wonderful and reflective 4-6 day start to your Camino de Santiago.

Never before has a Camino offered more solitude and a chance for personal reflection than the Ruta Teresiana, as it is also called by the locals. This short, but transformative Camino walks you across the Meseta, allowing a more meditative walking cadence then other routes that I have been on. To date, it is this Camino where I felt the deepest and most spiritual connection to the Spirit of St. Teresa, and as a result, to the All.

OR you can click on the link, Camino Teresiano, to go to my web pages to read it all for FREE on my website! Ultreia!


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Accommodations have changed, as you would expect since the pandemic. Overcrowding is not an issue on this Camino, perhaps the most Covid-safe one out there! Do contact the town hall before staying in their albergue to let them know you are coming!
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