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El Camino de San Salvador Digital Guide Book in English

El Camino de San Salvador Digital Guide Book in English First Edition

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I have just completed the updates on the Camino de San Salvador eBook for 2023/24.

There are no real route changes in the past year.

Please be advised that the alternative route by the Cepsa station on day five is currently unpassable due to high weeds. This report comes from the locals in the past few weeks. The official route that walks on the AS-375 instead is hazardous and has no shoulder. This news is unfortunate, as the alternative may be unmaintable in the future, due to the fact that it is managed by volunteers only. Please check with the locals before walking the alternative and be prepared to double-back if you plan to try this alternative.

As we can expect, accommodations and eateries have come and gone in the past year. The Camino continues to be a very fluid thing. I am always astounded at how frequently places change hands, or close their doors. The San Salvador Camino is no exception.

Another significant change is the addition of the donativo, Casa Alba, 3.7 kilometers past the center of Mieres. It provides yet another option to stay outside of the city and be closer to Oviedo, if this is important to you. Call ahead if you plan to stay here as this home only has FIVE beds!

I also have given more accurate and more frequent mileage information, and I believe the eBook delivers an overall better experience.

Buen Camino and best of luck for the best possible pilgrimage!
~ Elle
Included are recent route changes, and also included are additional route alternatives, based on recent GPS tracks of San Salvador enthusiasts! Also we have updated pandemic related closures, and surprisingly, new choices in accommodations!


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