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Example Camino packing list with auto calculation

Example Camino packing list with auto calculation 1

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This resource was e-mailed to me from a pilgrim that wanted to give this back to the pilgrim community.

The file is a .zip file with a pdf version and the same file as an Excel file.

This is what he wrote:

As you can see, my own pack, which is well tested and really contains everything I need, weighs in at way below the recommended 10% limit for most people. Even then, the pack weight could easily be further reduced, by using more expensive gear (clothes and backpack), and/or by leaving out some of the nice-to-have things, like a dedicated camera, the clothes line or the shampoo (use soap in stead).

All clothes, except socks, are polyester, microfibre, or some such, for easy wash/drying. If you can afford it, I recommend substituting Icebreaker gear for underwear and T-shirts.

Hygiene products, like soap and shampoo, are based on substituting small, light containers and re-supplying as needed along the route.

All my reading material, including guide books, has been converted for use on my smartphone or an E-book reader. Some times, it's a tight fit on the small screen, but it works surprisingly well. I do recommend buying a small old-style Nokia cell phone and bringing keeping bibles, hymns, maps and/or whatever on an e-book reader, like a Sony or the small Kindle - that's what I'll do in the future.

Weights are in grams, but one can easily use ounces in stead - even if that will mess up the calcuations based on BMI. In case you need to compare, all sizes are XL.

Prices are in DKK, but anything can be used in stead. 1 DKK = 0,134 €. And yes, gear IS rather expensive in Denmark!

To swap things in and out, just change the number in the relevant column E (worn on body), G (worn in pack) or I (food and water).

Stay out of columns F, H, J, K and L, as they are calculated.

Also stay out of the greenish fields. FSO is "Full Skin Out", i.e. everything you bring that's not a part of your body.
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I did not use the calculations as the weight thing is secondary for me but the list was a great set from which to work. Thanks!
Extremely useful resource! Well done!
This is so useful. You can add and subtract items and see what effect they have on the overall weight.

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