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Packing List Camino Spain April-October 2016-07-08

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Over the years I have noticed that carrying only what you need gives so much pleasure. This is different for everybody. Fully packed, my backpack is usually around 11 kilo, but the challenge is to keep it under 9. This is good for your feet and body, making days lighter and longer distances possible. Pay the most attention to a good backpack and good shoes. And you can buy things you might miss along the way, which is better than carrying along stuff you’re not sure of. For me, it was my rain gaiters or gamaschen. I finally left them behind 'in sight of the cathedral'.

A lot of extra weight is in a heavy sleeping bag and to much heavy clothing. Or excess food and water. You don't need the heaviest walking shoes, there is a lot of easy terrain on the Camino Frances. And, most importantly, taking care of your feet: I used Gehwol foot cream. It is difficult to find in Spain, you need one tube for a month. It is the best, and it helps prevent a lot of problems.

MY PACKING LIST CAMINO (Spain April-October)

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Rain Jacket or Poncho (fitting over your backpack)
Long trousers linen or synthetic
Walking shirts 2
T-shirt / blouse
Underwear 3
Walking socks 2 pairs
Socks 1 pair
Walking shoes (light ones are okay, class AB suitable for Camino Frances)
Light sandals
Thin sleeping bag
Sleeping bag liner (silk is light and protects against bedbugs)
Very good ear plugs
Towel (light/small)
Plastic bag (Ziploc) for valuables while showering
Tick removing tools
Plastic fork/spoon
Cellphone & Charger
Moneybelt with Money / ID / Credit Card / Bank card
Pilgrim's Passport
Small day backpack
Two plastic water bottles half a liter each (it is not necessary to carry more, you can buy or fill from fountains for extra in really hot weather)
Small roll toilet paper
Toiletry bag
Sun cream
Small piece of soap
Gehwol footcreme (from Germany, start ten days ahead, not available in Spain, 1 tube= about a month)

If you want:
Walking stick(s), esp. climbing and descending is easier (esp. when it is slippery, rainy) and lighter for you knees. it just depends on what you like..
Walking guide
Pocket knife (mind the safety rules on airports!)
Headlamp / Small flashlight (or in phone)
Cable/sdcard reader for cellphone or camera
Camera & Charger
Music/ earbuds
Shaving stuff

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Great list, thank you.
Simon Wijma
Simon Wijma
Your welcome! Good travels!
A good basic comprehensive list. I think it meets the objective of starting as light as possible without carrying any of the "what if's" and keeping in mind that there are many places and opportunities to pick up things you may need along the way.

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