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Pre-Romanesque Churches Accessible from Camino Routes

What follows is a summary list from this thread, a crowdsourced compilation of camino connections for Visigothic and other Pre-Romanesque churches on various caminos. (There are some duplications when a place is accessible from 2 caminos):

Camino de Madrid

Side trip from Norte
San Juan Apostol y Evangelista (Santianes de Pavia)(6.9 km from Muros de Nalon)

Side trip from the Olvidado —
Santo Tomás de las Ollas

Norte to Primitivo

Primitivo (Oviedo and environs; distances from city centre) —
Camara Santa of Oviedo Cathedral
Santa Maria del Naranco (3.2km NW)
Santa Maria de Bendones (6.4km SE; may be near Camino de las Asturias)
San Julián de los Prados (1.3km NE)
San Pedro de Nora (11km W)
San Tirso (19km SE)
San Miguel de Lillo (3.4km NW)
San Adriano de Tuñon (Near Rio Trubia, ~20km SW)

San Olav
Santa Maria de Lara (Quintanillas de las Viñas)

San Salvador
Santa Cristina de Lena

Side trip from Frances
Santa Maria de los Arcos in Tricio (2.6km SE of Najera, closer to the camino)
San Miguel de Escalada (14.3km NE of Mansilla de las Mulas)
Iglesia de Santiago in Peñalba de Santiago (from Ponferrada or El Acebo)
Santo Tomás de las Ollas (1.42 km NNE of Ponferrada)

Side trip from Sanabres
Santa Comba de Bande (~49km SW of Ourense)

side trip from Vdlp
Santa Lucía de Trampal
San Pedro de la Nave (22 km from Zamora)

San Miguel de Escalada

Zamorano Portugués
San Pedro de la Nave (22 km from Zamora)

Here is a wonderful interactive map that @mspath has very kindly constructed based on this list. Once it's open, you can click on any pointer to see the name of the church:

As an architectural historian during 5 decades in Canada, NYC, and Paris, @mspath always enjoyed discovering and comparing buildings.

And she offered us this perfect quote:
"We unite all things by perceiving the law which pervades them; by perceiving the superficial differences and the profound resemblances."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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