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Review of key factors in the motivation of visitors to Santiago de Compostella 2015-03-10

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I am a 4th year univeristy student from Scotland. For my final dissertation I am writing about the Camino and about what motivates them to complete the Way. My hypothesis was that during the years religious motivation transformed and more and more people walk the Way for several other reasons. For example me. I would like to walk the Camino with my best friend in 2016 not for religious reasons but for finding answers and reflect. This research is very close to me and I would like to ask for help. The aims and objectives of the research.

To investigate the tourist motivations for completing the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route.

1. To determine current visitor motivations for visiting religious sites.

2. To identify the key motivational factors of tourists visiting the El Camino de Santiago.

3. To evaluate whether there are differences between tourist and pilgrim motivations for visiting the El Camino.

4. To evaluate the role of religion in tourism and in individual decision making.

5. To offer recommendations for future research relating to visiting religious sites and in particular to the tourism of Camino de Santiago.

I would be happy to share my dissertation with the people who are interested. You can e-mail me on
Thank you very much,
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