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Latest Reviews

  1. Mike Robertson
    Mike Robertson
    Version: 2016-03-08
    Great info without being cluttered.
  2. Majellacamino
  3. bradleyllew
  4. bobkorzo
    Version: February 2016 version
    Just what I was looking for ....look forward to testing out many of your recommended favorites. Would also trade a little comfort for a "special" place.
  5. Dreynah77
    Version: 2013-08-31
    First time pilgrim to be this April-May, helpful to know how much to ascend as I push ahead and prepare myself for what's to come along the journey.
  6. meirelessuper123
    Version: July 2016_9
    That's so helpfull. Thank you so much!
  7. Kanga
    Version: 2016-04-13
    It took me 5 attempts to find the River way into Burgos, and this is what worked! Fabulous resource.
  8. Márcio Grigorovski
    Márcio Grigorovski
    Version: July 2016_9
    Wonderfull work.
    It Will help me a lot in my journey.
  9. marolinka
  10. BoWalk
    Version: February 2016 version
    The map enhance visual of the Albergues. It is an excellent guide for my camino this May 2017. Thank you.
  11. BoWalk
    Version: August 1, 2015
    Very thorough with phone number and the price .
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