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Spanish ATM cash-machine fee cheat-sheet

Spanish ATM cash-machine fee cheat-sheet 2023

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We just got back from our journey. Any machine we used, airport, train station, large town, small town, everywhere, charged € 6-9; no freebie or even low charge. Airport was the worst
Very helpful and much needed.
Thank you for this. I used my card (primarily my direct debit card) when req'd on the Camino Portuguese central 2022 and was aghast to find that some (most) were trying to apply a charge at the ATM, Santander in particular- what a rip off. Great, simple clear guide - thank you.
This is great. Well done...took a while to find it as I was looking for cash transfer platforms like WISE but this corresponds with my experience last few Caminos and is a very good starting point for anyone regardless of their country/bank of origin. Start in the GREEN zone as you'll likely do just fine there. 7Euro to get my funds from banks like Santander?? Uhhh, no thank you.
Extremely useful!
Is this information still valid?
Excellent resource

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