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The Ultimate Blister Solution

The Ultimate Blister Solution 2014-08-18

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Ezeefit blister protection garments cover the problem areas of the foot with a technical, proprietary bonded-Lycra fabric, or a microfiber-laminated neoprene. Both thicknesses (Ultrathin and 2mm) establish a movement interface between the skin and the sock/footwear, providing protection against shearing and blistering. Both the fit and the fabrics took years to perfect, resulting in a product that stops blisters before they start.

The way it works is simple: The footwear (and/or sock) rubs the Ezeefit material, not the skin, resulting in an undergarment that not only prevents and protects, but stays in place no matter how long it's worn.

· Stops blisters before they start
· Non adhesive
· Washable
· Reusable
· Stays in place
· Reduces the pain of existing blisters
Works Wet or Dry!
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