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Tips to make the Camino de Santiago 2017-12-14

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Traveling is always an amazing experience, which gives you numerous benefits among the to know new cultures, open your mind and get out of your comfort zone. If we decide to undertake a journey as the Camino de Santiago, the advantages are multiplied.

Along the way we will be able to meet all kinds of people of different nationalities and ideologies. In addition, things will be evaluated in a different way and learn important lessons of life, by the effort you make on the routes. On the other hand, staying away from our smartphone and technology, also has a strong advantage.

Before making the path, we should take into account a number of considerations, so that our journey is as beneficial as possible.

  • Get a kit. It is recommended that you carry a small animal emergency kit, although during the tour you will pass by numerous Pharmacies, it is well to have it just in case we are far from the next. In the kit includes gauze, sales, betadine, petroleum jelly, compeed, sun cream…
  • Prepare your backpack. One of the big questions to prepare for the journey is to know that you include in your backpack. We have to bear in mind that we will take you to the costs during the entire trip, it is advisable to avoid the unnecessary weight and get into it only what is necessary. Don't forget the sleeping bag, Towel and Flip Flops for Showers, knife and flashlight for the evenings. You should also carry a water bottle for drinking water and some clothes for route.
  • Clothing. The footwear is one of the key factors to get underway, so we recommend that is comfortable and that is not new. Make sure that the boots hug your ankle, to avoid injury. With regard to the clothes you should bring as little as possible. If you are traveling in winter remember the thermal clothing and windbreaks. The hats and the raincoats are also highly recommended. If you do not have waterproof you can place a large garbage bag, which also cover your backpack.
When you go to pack your backpack, order well, you know at all times where everything, so you can achieve what you need more easily and do not disturb anyone during your journey.

Do you have any tips or experiences you want to share? Message me or write them in the comments :)
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