Where is that village? - searching using Gronze 2017-04-13

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Gronze is a camino planning website used by many Spanish pilgrims. Its chief distinguishing feature is the ability to search by any town or village name, and it will tell you on which stage and on which camino it is located. This is a nice feature for new pilgrims using the forums, where members tend to name-drop places without explaining where they are.

It also has great, simple maps and lists of albergues. Do not be put off by the fact that it is in Spanish: you can still get a lot out of it even if you speak no Spanish. You only need to know that Buscar Localidad means Search for Location.

There are also reviews of accommodations, each with a 'recommended? - yes or no'. These yes/no answers are summarised into a red/green bar chart.

It does not have an App to download, but the website does render really well on a mobile phone. There is no way I know of to use it offline, if anyone knows one, please add notes in the comments.

I really like Gronze, I try other websites and apps, but keep coming back to it.
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