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  1. andy.d

    cistercian way talk

    I will be giving a talk about walking The Cistercian Way in Birmingham, UK on Saturday 28th January. Anyone from the Forum who can come would be warmly welcome. All the information is here: https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/pilgrimage-talk/ thanks Andy
  2. andy.d

    continuing the Cistercian Way

    The next part of my reflection and report on The Cistercian Way is here: https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/walking-the-cistercian-way-part-3/ As well as the route, it has some information about the Small Pilgrim Places Network who are worth knowing about if you are making...
  3. andy.d

    on being a (more) broken pilgrim

    I was walking The Cistercian Way this autumn and hurt my knee. It was bad enough to have to pull out for 4 weeks. As part of my report and reflection on the route, I have written a bit on the experience of this injury and convalescence here...
  4. andy.d

    the cistercian way - report

    I've written a reflection and report on my pilgrimage along the Cistercian Way which I have posted here: https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2016/11/30/walking-the-cistercian-way-on-becoming-a-more-broken-pilgrim-part-1/ It will be in three or four parts as it is too long for one blog post. The...
  5. andy.d

    picking up the Cistercian Way

    After hurting my knee badly four weeks ago, I am recovered enough to head back to Wales tomorrow and start walking again. I'm doing the final week or so - from Abergavenny round to Penrhys. To protect my knee I will be travelling very light this time, mainly spending the night with friends...
  6. andy.d

    Walter Starkie

    I'm using some of the time I have while my knee heals up to re-read Walter Starkie's seminal 'The Road to Santiago', his account of pilgrimage in 1954 (while drawing on a couple of pilgrimages in the 1920's). I haven't read it for several years, and it is excellent - do read it if you can, it...
  7. andy.d

    the 10km string

    Announcing an important breakthrough in calculating exactly how far you have walked https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/the-six-mile-string/ ;) Andy
  8. andy.d

    a (more) broken pilgrim

    I am supposed to be in the middle of walking The Cistercian Way, a 700 mile pilgrimage around Wales. As always when I set off on a long pilgrimage I promised that I would only stop for two reasons: an emergency call from home or a medical professional telling me to stop. After 10 days I...
  9. andy.d

    kit list - cistercian way

    I've had a go at detailing my kit list for my upcoming pilgrimage on the Cistercian Way (700 miles round Wales) here: https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/cistercian-way-kit-list/ Comments welcome - I'm trying to shave off weight, but am aware that I need to camp a lot of the way and...
  10. andy.d

    El Camino Segundo

    Am waiting for the Pilgrim Guide for this
  11. andy.d

    the cistercian way

    I will be walking the Cistercian Way around Wales in September and October. Details here: https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/the-cistercian-way/ Will be interesting if I pick up any traces of Santiago. I'm starting and finishing at Penrhys which was the major Marian Shrine in South...
  12. andy.d


    It's a long time since I walked the Levante. It was my first Camino - tough and incredibly good. I hadn't thought about it that much for a while (I'm looking forward to a big pilgrimage around Wales next year) but a meditation on the Levante and the Feasts of Mary has just emerged...
  13. andy.d

    stages, etc from january

    I have listed my stages and a factual report on my walk from Ferrol at the beginning of January here: https://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2015/02/03/camino-ingles-january-2015-stages-etc/ If you look back at the previous few posts on the blog, you will get the stories too. Please ask if I've...
  14. andy.d


    I'm planning to walk the Ingles next week. If anyone wants me to pray for anyone, let me know. If wifi allows, I'll try a few updates along the way Andy
  15. andy.d

    Live - Camino Ingles coruna

    I'm off on Sunday with a small group of friends for a short (and wet!) pilgrimage from A Coruna to Santiago with a few days of Retreat in Santiago at the end. If I get the chance I will blog, but I suspect I am more likely to report back afterwards. If you have anything you want us to pray...
  16. andy.d

    the two saints way

    I've been walking the beginning of The Two Saints Way. This is a recently re-established version of the medieval route between Chester and Lichfield. I've put a route report here: http://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2012/1 ... ay-report/ with links to the very good information site. I...
  17. andy.d

    patrick leigh fermor

    I really enjoyed reading Patrick Leigh Fermor's kit list from his epic walk across Europe in the 1930's which is here: http://pilgrimpace.wordpress.com/2012/09/22/kit-list/ It is a very beautiful piece of writing - and very different gear from most of us! Andy
  18. andy.d

    help with photo of statue near o cebreiro

    Does anyone have a jpeg of this statue that they could let me have: http://onthecamino.squarespace.com/pict ... ia/1843890 it's very meaningful and I would probably reproduce it on my blog (with permission and acknowledgement). Also, does anyone know the sculptor? thanks, Andy
  19. andy.d

    ramblings of a walker

    Bob Walker's blog is well worth looking at: http://bobwalker01.wordpress.com/ Andy
  20. andy.d

    roads to santiago

    In 'Roads to Santiago' Cees Nooteboom writes: The historian Labande defines the medieval pilgrim as “a Christian who at some point in his life makes the decision to travel to a particular place and who surrenders his entire existence to achieving that goal”. Does anyone know where the Labande...

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