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  1. Richmond Gardner

    Astérix hikes into Pamplona

    What an amusing way to learn the language...I used to read Asterix to augment the classroom. The humor and colloquial tongue was better than any class I could have taken! RIP
  2. Richmond Gardner

    2020 Plans B, C, etc. - Alternatives to the physical camino

    Now, that made me laugh!😂 I’m guessing that you need to get out of the house, if you’re already ripping up the toilet seat?! I went for a good long walk on our local bike path and enjoyed seeing all the people out for a jaunt and some fresh air... gotta keep it positively, in the times that are...
  3. Richmond Gardner

    who knew it would cost so much!

    And if you use Iberia’s cheap, no frills version (Level) - it gets cheaper still.
  4. Richmond Gardner

    Eight weeks on the Camino

    And... from what I read, the Norte will be crowded plus expensive. Especially, in the summer
  5. Richmond Gardner

    Eight weeks on the Camino

    Yes! This is a way to explore much of the Frances, without repeating the end, well, until you get to Melide... (more octopus anyone?) However, connecting with the Primitivo and enjoying the route over a beautiful hilly stretch, would be a great trip. I wonder how crowded it will be this summer...
  6. Richmond Gardner

    Corona Virus...

    I call it white collar welfare
  7. Richmond Gardner

    Camino Primitivo — Question about Borres

    Yup, Sanblismo is the place to go. Wonderful albergue, communal dinner and hospitalero. Borres has an overpowering smell of dung. Just saying
  8. Richmond Gardner

    Elvis Bar

    Definitely on the Roman road diversion, which starts just beyond Sahagun. Not sure if you get there on the main path, but I forget. Excellent stop, with memorable graffiti!
  9. Richmond Gardner

    Advice on skipping Meseta

    I LOVE this advice... you can walk appropriate sections with your son and rest when you need to. Every morning and evening you will be together on the Camino. No need to listen to any judgements. This may be the only time to go with your son and you should enjoy it, as you can. I suspect the...
  10. Richmond Gardner

    What do you do when you cannot walk anymore?

    You could walk the Ingles...and if you felt the urge continue to Finisterre/ Muxia. As we adjust to new realities,the struggle remains. And all that separates us from a final resting stop - is the urge to resist
  11. Richmond Gardner

    Comment by 'Richmond Gardner' in media 'Morning mist'

    I like this composition very much!
  12. Richmond Gardner

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Alright then: Born in Washington D.C. Raised in Asia and Maryland suburbs, settled in coastal Rhode Island, land of my recent ancestors. Lovely spot
  13. Richmond Gardner

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Don’t ya know!?
  14. Richmond Gardner

    Poll Where do you come from?

    At this point, I think we may assume you are from the Emerald Isle....but, we’ll just keep it a secret so as not to upset your mum
  15. Richmond Gardner

    Brierley's Camino Portugues - so confused!

    Same for me! I suppose it’s the various routes that account for confusion, but the presentation is certainly not helping. Making a note to skip from 122 to 204!
  16. Richmond Gardner

    Luxury items

    I brought a rather heavyweight pair of jeans...not a rational move. My pack was 23 lbs., but I got used to it. And, every cold day I wore them, every chilly evening they felt so warm and substantial. It was a conversation piece as well. People were flabbergasted that I could get them washed and...

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