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  1. Pierre Julian

    Which Camino in August?

    Hello. Any advice on which section to walk would be gratefully received please. I'm flying into Bilbao on 7th August and flying out of Santiago on the 27th. I was originally thinking of bussing to Aviles and continuing my Northern Camino as far as I can get, but not sure what that is like or...
  2. Pierre Julian

    Leaving from Málaga info

    Hi, I'm arriving in Málaga tomorrow and walking from there on Tuesday morning. Is there anywhere which has a breakdown of the sections and Albergues after Malaga. I'm thinking more about me being a bit out of shape and if I can do some shorter 10-15 km days for the first couple of days that...
  3. Pierre Julian

    Via or Mozarabic in April?

    I have time off in April and again in July/August. I want to continue the Mozarabic from Guadix towards Merida, and also the Via to Santiago from Salamanca onwards. Does anyone know what the Mozarabic would be like in April? I'm guess July August will be too hot, the bit I did last year in...
  4. Pierre Julian

    VdlP in January tips

    I have been putting together some memories of the VdlP which I walked earlier in the year. I've spent a fair bit of time on this, and thought I might as well share them for the benefit of others who may be planning to walk in January. I'll add the rest in instalments over the next few days...
  5. Pierre Julian

    3 full day walk ideas

    Hi I arrive in Biarritz on the 16th November, and need to be in Bilbao on the morning of 20th of November. That gives me three full days of walking. Any ideas please of what might be good? I've not done any of the Northern before Bilbao, would anyone recommend the last three stages before...
  6. Pierre Julian

    Best place to start on CdF to introduce a newby??

    Any thoughts please about the best part of CdF to walk for 5 days please? I'm brining a friend (in his 50's) over and want him to have the best time, and be inspired. We are arriving in Biarritz on Friday 16th November. so has to be starting probably either SJPdP, Pamplona or Logroño. My...
  7. Pierre Julian

    Credentials from Malaga or Almeria

    Hi there I'm just about to start walking the Camino from Almeria on Monday but I just found out that the associations In Malaga and Almeria is closed today and tomorrow does anyone know where else I can get them from please? And also would it be the same credential from both places? Or does each...
  8. Pierre Julian

    Camino in September

    Hello. A couple of questions please if anyone can help: - has anyone walked from Almeria in early September, I'm guessing it'll still be hot, but not impossible - I hope? - What is it like starting instead from Malaga? Many thanks, P
  9. Pierre Julian

    VdP route to take in September??

    Hi could anyone give some ideas please on the route options on the VdP after Slamanca please? I've walked the VdP from Seville to Salamanca and hoping to continue in September. I'm wondering about the following options: - What is the route like from Salamanca to Zamora? Hilly? Flat? Many...
  10. Pierre Julian

    Ideas for the next couple of weeks

    Does anyone have any good ideas about how I could spend the next two weeks around the Malaga area? My friends are advising me to go down to Malaga as it is much warmer down there. I am guessing from there I could check out the coastline and Gibraltar etc. However I am interested in any thoughts...
  11. Pierre Julian

    Sanabres section of Vdlp in winter?

    I'm walking the Via de la Plata from Seville on January 12/13. I was going to do it for only two weeks, but now I'm thinking seriously of going all the way to Santiago via the Sanabres, and taking more time off work. What would the Sanabres be like in February? Doable or battling with rain...
  12. Pierre Julian

    Back pack buying in London

    Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a good shop to buy back packs in London please? I know there's lots around Covent Garden. I'm looking for a place with good choice, and good staff, who know what they're talking about can fit me and give good advice - not just a quick sell. My old Talon 44 was...
  13. Pierre Julian

    VDLP in January

    Hello, I'm doing a 2 week walk starting Seville in a week's time. I'm going with start with a friend who can only walk for a few days and for whom this is going to quite an adventure. Can any one send some encouraging words about what she can expect please? C0uld anyone send some answers to a...
  14. Pierre Julian

    Good Camino for walking over Christmas?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about walking the Camino from 23rd December to 2nd January, and would like advice on a good track which will have albergues open, not be too isolated (if shops etc shut around Christmas/New Year), and not too cold, wet or snowy! I love walking in winter, and have done...
  15. Pierre Julian

    Notes on the San Salvador after two recent caminos.

    I’ve just returned from walking my Camino de San Salvador, I also walked it two months ago at the end of August. It is a very beautiful Camino, possibly the most beautiful one I have done. It is much quieter than any of the others, especially in October. There is very little litter or graffiti...
  16. Pierre Julian

    Getting from Santiago to León on Sunday

    Hello, would anyone be able to tell me how to work out public transport from Santiago to León on Sunday the 22nd October. I arrive by plane into Santiago at 15:20, and depending on Ryanair's ability to arrive on time, I wanted to head straight to León. From what I can see there is nothing...
  17. Pierre Julian

    Questions about the Madrid.

    Would anyone be able to advise me please: a friend and I are considering walking the Madrid at the end of October. We thoughts the weather nearer Madrid would be better than doing things in Galicia. We only have 6-7 days and have to leave from Santiago and get back there after (as our...
  18. Pierre Julian

    8 Days Oviedo to Oviedo questions

    Hi everyone, I've got 8.5 days to walk the Camino, flying in and out of Oviedo: 26th August to 4th September. It's not enough time to the Primitivo (and I would really like to do that in one go, and not at the height of the walking season). Ideally 20 - 25 km a day is what I would enjoy (I work...
  19. Pierre Julian

    Camino Inglés information

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help me with some information please? I'm walking the Inglés on Thursday and I've got about 6 days to do it. I was thinking of starting in Ferrol, and then at the junction, busing to A Coruña, walking from there to Santiago, to get in both sections. Has anyone...
  20. Pierre Julian

    Accommodation in Bilbao

    I've just realised that every hotel in Bilbao seems to be full, or out or my price range. I arrive around 8pm Friday 14th into Bilbao. Does anyone have any ideas about where I could sleep before I begin my Northern pilgrimage please? I see that there is an Albergue de peregrinos de Bilbao, would...

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